TWO T1DS WALK INTO A BAR: Would you undo your diabetes?

Another video in our Two T1Ds Walk into a Bar series! This time, the focus is on Haley — a 26-year-old California native who loves graphic design, great food, San Francisco, quilting, hiking, and ping-pong.  Oh, and she’s had type 1 diabetes for 16 years. 😉

Here, Haley takes the stage and gives us her opinion on the coolest things about having diabetes: from all the awesome gear (yeah right…) to all the great people she’s met (totally agree!)…  It turns out diabetes brings along a lot of good, as long as you can connect with others and take some time to laugh about it all. When I asked Haley whether she’d go back in time and undo diabetes if given the chance, she had a pretty tough time answering…

So, would you undo your diabetes?

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And check out our next video to get Haley’s take on the toughest part about having diabetes.



Rachel Sánchez-Madhur
Rachel Sánchez-Madhur

Living with T1D for 23+ years.
Low-carb foodie, wine enthusiast, yogi, and dog-lover.
Consumer Marketing, Strategy, and Customer Success at One Drop.