TWO T1DS WALK INTO A BAR: Some unexpected rewards…

One last question before Haley and I get the check: Haley, what is your least favorite thing about having diabetes?
For those of you who don’t know, Haley is a good friend of mine who’s had type 1 diabetes for 16 years. We met about 2 years ago at a JDRF event in San Francisco and have been close ever since! It’s that instant diabetes connection. 😉
In this video, Haley touches on all her “least favorite things” about having diabetes, which many of us can relate to: the worry, never getting a break, regret about not being more responsible way back when… But Haley also talks about how rewarding diabetes can be — that special satisfaction you feel when you’re totally nailing it.

So, when’s the last time you owned diabetes?

You know the feeling: “Who needs a pancreas?! I’ve got this sh*t down.” Even if only for a day or a few hours — tell us all about it!  These are the stories that keep us going when the going gets tough. >> Tweet This!

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Rachel Sánchez-Madhur
Rachel Sánchez-Madhur

Living with T1D for 23+ years.
Low-carb foodie, wine enthusiast, yogi, and dog-lover.
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