One Drop

Living Your Life (with diabetes).

Android Engineer jobs @ One Drop

We’re seeking a passionate, awesome, and energetic Android Engineer to work at our growth-phase NYC-based startup. You’ll be working with a talented, diverse, and fun group trying to help people with diabetes treat and monitor themselves in an empowering and innovative way.

We’re looking for an Android Engineer to join our small team of iOS/generalist engineers. Our ideal candidates have equally strong opinions about building beautiful products and building beautiful, flexible, self-documenting code. If you have strong opinions and a desire to build mobile applications that could deeply affect the lives of millions of people around the world, you’re in the right place.

Android at One Drop

We’re an iOS platform looking to expand into the exciting and growing world of Android. We’ve got some well established design patterns and data-storage models to move forward building the Android app from scratch, but we’re looking for someone confident and comfortable enough with Android development to contribute to building the app and designing new and innovative features as we grow.

[Video]: Learn more about our product here.

Job Responsibilities

  • Build an Android version of the One Drop mobile application from scratch
  • The sky’s the limit. If you can dream up a beautiful and amazing new way to help our users, we’re going to want to build it
  • Occasionally digging around in user data and other backend management functions as required
  • Keep an eye out for QA/UX/aesthetics

Job Perks

  • Get in on the ground-floor and have a big impact on a massively ambitious project
  • Work on something that deeply affects the lives of our users
  • Health-care tech, yeah!
  • Convenient location in Austin or Manhattan (lower east side)
  • Equity

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Demonstrable experience building Android apps on your own and/or as part of a team
  • A couple of apps in the Google Play Store would be helpful
  • Demonstrable ability to learn new technologies fast and make decisions under stress
  • Good at talking about what you know and what you can do


To apply, send an email to jobs@onedrop.today with your resume and links to interesting projects or your website.