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Who is using One Drop?

One Drop is used by people with all types of diabetes in over 200 countries throughout the world.

To date, One Drop users have contributed over 250,000,000 health data points toward better understanding diabetes.

Proven Clinical Results

  • Reduced A1C by 1.0 percentage point in as little as 2 months.

  • Reduced average blood glucose from 185 mg/dL to 158 mg/dL.

  • Consistently tracked food and blood glucose over time.

  • Nearly doubled percentage of in-range blood glucose readings.

  • Reduced average percentage of high blood glucose readings from 19% to 4%.

User Reviews
  • “Finally a meter and strips I can afford. Experts are great too.”

  • “Smallest drop of blood! No more entering numbers in my phone! I love it all!”

  • “This is the app that gets it... Bluetooth blood glucose tracking works perfectly. Medication reminder and tracker in one. . . There is even someone who chats with you and checks up on you.“

  • “Beautiful visual interface and clear reports that the app can generate for my healthcare provider. Best of all is the news feed articles and community stream where you can see how other users are managing diabetes.”




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One Drop | Experts

Personal diabetes coaching delivered entirely via mobile app. Reach all your health goals with on-demand support from a live CDE.


One Drop | Professional

View patient data in real-time, provide education and support beyond the clinic, and deliver cost-effective clinical results — all through a single integrated platform.

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