One Drop | Mobile

All of your data in one place.

One Drop | Mobile

All of your data in one place.

Available on iOS and Android

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Simple. Powerful. Convenient.

Track the essentials – Glucose, Food, Meds and Activity – all in one place. Get actionable insights from your data every day.


Automatically track data from your One Drop Meter. Sync data from other glucose monitors via Apple Health (e.g. Dexcom, OneTouch Verio Sync, AccuCheck Aviva Connect and more).


Schedule reminders to take your meds (diabetes and non-diabetes meds). Track insulin pump basal rates and temp basals.


Search the world’s largest built-in food database. Scan barcodes & save favorites. Count carbs automatically — One Drop does the math for you!


Automatically track activity using your phone’s built-in pedometer. Sync data from other activity trackers via Apple Health (e.g. Nike+ Running, UP by Jawbone, Garmin Connect and more).

Powerful Insights.

Powerful data-science under the hood delivers insights you can take action on each and every day.

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Onedrop Premium

One Drop | Premium

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One Drop | Professional

All of your data in one place.