Jeff & Rachel Eat Out: Grey Lady NYC – Part 1 (VIDEO)

One Drop Presents: Real People w/ Diabetes

Here’s another video from our lunch at Grey Lady NYC! We decided to have a little fun and embark on a mini T1D adventure: our first #BGchallenge!

Generally, the goal of a #BGchallenge is to feast on something awesome (usually something very carb-y) and see what happens! Here’s how to play:

1) Grab a friend.

2) Pick a challenge food.

3) Check blood. (Friends, even if you don’t have diabetes, you’ve got to check too!)

4) Estimate carbs.

5) Take insulin.

6) Check blood some time later to see how you did! (Again, friends, that means you too!)

You can define the “winner” however you like — we’re all winners here!

Watch Part 1 of our #BGchallenge to see how we started!

Jeff & Rachel Eat Out: #BGchallenge at Grey Lady NYC (Part 1) from One Drop on Vimeo.



Rachel Sánchez-Madhur
Rachel Sánchez-Madhur

Living with T1D for 23+ years. Low-carb foodie, wine enthusiast, yogi, and dog-lover. Consumer Marketing, Strategy, and Customer Success at One Drop.