SXSW 2016: Breakfast Taco BG Challenge

Another BG challenge! This time we’re at SXSW, it’s breakfast, and we’re feasting on some amazingly tasty street tacos. Our challenge crew included people with and without diabetes, and everyone experienced a little post-taco BG turbulence. Watch this video to see how we weather the storm and celebrate the drop!

For those of you who haven’t experienced a BG challenge yet, the goal is to chow down on something carb-y and see what happens!

Here’s how to play:

1) Grab some friends.

2) Pick a challenge food.

3) Check blood. (Friends, even if you don’t have diabetes, you’ve got to check too!)

4) Estimate carbs.

5) Take insulin.

6) Check blood a little later to see how you did! (Again, friends, that means you too!)

You can define the “winner” however you like — we’re all winners here!

Now, don’t just taco ’bout it — let’s get to it! 🙂

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Jeff Dachis
Jeff Dachis

Jeff Dachis is CEO and Founder of One Drop. Type 1 LADA since September, 2013. Low carb, Pescatarean. Skier, Runner, Cyclist. DJ. West Side Story fanatic. Cheese lover. @jeffdachis