Diabetes can break the bank, but it doesn’t have to!

Healthcare is expensive

Healthcare is expensive

When Trump and Clinton went head to head in their first U.S. presidential debate, I tweeted: “Debate about healthcare.” Greg replied, “I hope extreme pricing of insulin gets addressed soon.”

I was in NYC and out to dinner with co-workers. We huddled around someone’s smartphone watching the debate moderator ask about the economy, racial division, and women’s rights, but not a single question about healthcare. And, neither candidate mentioned it! How can that be when Americans are spending more out-of-pocket on healthcare than ever before?

We’re spending more money because:

  • Health insurance deductibles are sky high
  • Health insurance (if you have it, or if you’ve met your deductible) doesn’t cover enough
  • Care costs more
  • Treatment costs more

A global crisis

Healthcare costs are up around the world. What’s driving this?

Avoidable conditions like:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hight blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol

Diabetes puts people at risk of each of these.

Diabetes breaks the bank

The cost of having diabetes has more than doubled since 1987. Today, diabetes means spending 2-5 times more on your health. Why?

We’re paying way more for prescriptions and for avoidable healthcare. But 25% of what we spend can be avoided. We don’t have to:

  • go to the emergency room ($1,233 per visit)
  • be hospitalized ($4,000 per day)
  • develop a diabetes-related complication (more prescriptions and office visits!)

Today, the lifetime cost of one diabetes-related complication is $31,290-56,070. What!?!?

So, how do we lower the price tag of having diabetes?

Get & stay healthy!

Take as much of your health in your own hands by:

  • eating well
  • being more active
  • getting good sleep
  • being less stressed
  • staying on top medications
  • and, understanding how these things affect your blood glucose

Unlike healthcare, self-care pays dividends. It can cost less than a co-pay to become and stay healthy. And the payoff is huge! Fewer healthcare visits, staying out of the ER and hospital, keeping costly complications away, and a healthier and happier you!

A small price for a healthy life

Diabetes is costly. But, YOU are priceless!

Self-care is a more affordable way to not only manage diabetes, but thrive with diabetes. It’s worth every penny!



Chandra Y. Osborn PhD MPH
Chandra Y. Osborn PhD MPH

Pre-diabetes free since 2011, Dr. Osborn's a mother, wife, and expert in diabetes health communication, disparities, self-care, and leveraging health tech to improve people's lives. She's been understanding, predicting, and promoting diabetes self-care since 2003, first as a scientist and now as VP of health and behavioral informatics at One Drop.