The Diabetes Tech Boom is Here! 💥

Diabetes tech is exploding! And, more is coming… Soon, we’ll have:

The diabetes device market is soaring

Zion market research released a report forecasting the diabetes device market. In 2015, it was valued at 18.50 billion. By 2021, it will be 26 billion. Woah!

More people with diabetes = greater digital demand

An estimated 1 in 10 adults around the world have diabetes. If current trends continue, 1 in 3 will have diabetes by 2050. More people with diabetes means a greater demand for better tools.

The tools we use today are different than what people used before. Gone are the days of putting drops of urine, water, and a Clinitest tablet in a test tube and checking the solution’s color against a chart, or using color changing tablets to measure ketones and urine dipsticks.

Now, we have so many types of meters, pens, pumps, continuous glucose monitors (CGM), software, and apps. It’s hard to keep track of it all.

Diabetes innovations are helping people

Tech innovations are making diabetes simpler to manage. The upside?

The diabetes tech movement is upon us. It’s an exciting and empowering time!

We’re healthier and happier because of it. And, it will only get better:)



Chandra Y. Osborn PhD MPH
Chandra Y. Osborn PhD MPH

Pre-diabetes free since 2011, Dr. Osborn's a mother, wife, and expert in diabetes health communication, disparities, self-care, and leveraging health tech to improve people's lives. She's been understanding, predicting, and promoting diabetes self-care since 2003, first as a scientist and now as VP of health and behavioral informatics at One Drop.