Ready for an adventure? Meet the One Drop Caicos team!

One Drop Caicos Team

Erin and the Sea Peptide Salties to Trek 120 miles

Who doesn’t love a good trip to the Caribbean? Sparkling blue seawater, white sand beaches . . . And when you’ve got a T1D crew island hopping by way of hiking, swimming, cycling and paddleboarding, it sounds like the most picture-perfect adventure there could ever be! Enter Erin Spineto and her Sea Peptide Salties.  Each year, Erin leads a team of T1Ds on an adventure that would whip anyone into shape! Erin sums up her philosophy in 3 sentences:

  • Every person with diabetes can be happy.
  • Every person with diabetes needs others to commiserate with, to plan with, and to adventure with.

  • Your big adventure may not be the same as my big adventure — but whatever your BIG is, you can find a way to make it safe even with diabetes.

This Year’s Challenge

For their 2017 adventure, this gang of four is headed to the Caicos islands for straight-up sea, sun and swim, with a little diabetes sprinkled on top.

“The goal is just to get a group of type 1’s together to push what we think we are capable of,” explains Erin, captain of the 2017 adventure. She’s rounding up the troops in the Caicos islands, both north and south, for major island hopping (not to be confused with bar hopping, although sandbars will definitely be involved). Erin’s been adventuring like this for the past 5 years, making this her sixth Great Adventure. This year, she’s joined with Kati and Erika. They’ll be covering 50 miles on paddle boards, 20 miles hiking and swimming, and another 50 miles on bikes — for a total of 120 miles from South Caicos to North Caicos.

The team has already started hardcore training (January 1st, to be exact), and we’re hopping on board with them to get a feel for how all four of these kick-ass T1D’s are able to train and execute such an amazing feat – all while maintaining their BGs in the middle of uninhabited islands and waters. Before getting down and dirty with training routines, though, we wanted to introduce our One Drop fam to the crew!

What does it take to make the One Drop Caicos Team?

Erin emphasizes that having a good attitude and being flexible are key:

Each August, I open up the application period for the next year’s adventure. I am looking for people who have a good attitude and are flexible. It is so important when you travel with people that they are the type of people who can have everything go wrong and still look at it like a fun part of the adventure.


So, I look for people who want to be a part of a team not those who will force their ideas and demand that others follow. People who are encouraging and hold others peoples needs in high regard. We will all be pushing ourselves to the limit. We’ll all get moody and snap at some point in the trip. So knowing that that is a natural part of the journey is helpful.

And you don’t need to be a star athlete to join:

A good background in sport is important but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the sport we will be doing. This time, Kati has a background in synchronized swimming.

Meet the team!

So, now that Erin’s given us a rundown of everything these ladies are doing to prepare for this epic adventure, let’s meet the team! From now through the summer, we’ll be following their progress and keeping you updated on how they are training hard, having fun, and keeping it #diabadass.

How do you train for a challenge like this?

Although this crew has been training since last summer, the real training began on January 1st. The team spent August through December building a base of fitness, gathering their gear, and learning good form so that their bodies could handle all of the intense training they’ve been doing since the new year.

We all have such different backgrounds, lives, and bodies that we don’t all follow the same training plan. I tend to go into overtraining rather quickly so I max out at about three quality workouts a week with plenty of rest, stretching, compression clothing and pumping in between. I don’t know if this is a result of having to deal with thyroid issues on top of diabetes, my day job, my side job and my family, or the fact that I am just getting older.


Some of the younger girls can handle six or more workouts a week and feel better that way, so they do that. But we all do the same long workout each weekend to stay on track.

As for the workouts themselves, they are varied and intense! But, of course, plenty of rest is also built into the plan:

The workouts rotate through all of our disciplines — hiking, stand up paddleboarding, swimming, and cycling on Electra Cruisers — with a focus on paddling, since such a large part of our trip, 50 miles, will be on Stand Up Paddleboards (a.k.a. “SUPs”). And it is also one of the more dangerous of the activities. With cycling, if we need to pull over or stop, we can. With SUP we will be covering 50 miles of uninhabited islands and waters. So, pulling over isn’t really an option.


Our workouts will increase in intensity at a set interval so that we don’t stress out our bodies too much, usually never more than a 10% increase each week. We also have built into the plan a rest week every five weeks.


And they’re off!

What a great source of inspiration to keep us all moving this 2017! We can’t wait to see the progress as Erin, Erika, and Kati push themselves to the limit. Go team! #OneDropCaicos

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