Pro-Tip: Set up Notifications in One Drop

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We're in this Together

Ever wish you had a personal assistant just for diabetes? We hear you. With everything else going on -- work, school, family, friends, ... -- staying on top of diabetes can feel overwhelming. So, rather than carry this burden all on your own, let One Drop help you stay on track! That's right. The best diabetes app also serves as your very own personal diabetes assistant.

Sometimes we all need a little push

Feel more motivated, get helpful reminders, and see better results by enabling push notifications in your One Drop app. One Drop's notifications pop up right when you need them and ensure that you'll never let diabetes management slip through the cracks.  Here are a few examples: ● Glucose: Looks like you had some carbs 2h ago. Time for a glucose check! ● Meds: Time to take your 15 units of Lantus. ● Exercise: Remember, even small amounts of exercise can help reduce blood sugar. Let's get out and move! ● Insights: Your average glucose was 98 mg/dL last month. Math is awesome! ● Logging: Whoa! Impressive. You logged food, movement, glucose, and meds all in one day. best diabetes appbest diabetes appbest diabetes appbest diabetes app  

4 steps to set up notifications

  4steps-notifications Step 1. Select the Settings wheel the bottom right of the screen and tap Notifications & Permissions Step 2. Select Edit Notification Settings Step 3. Select Notifications Step 4. Select Allow Notifications and customize how you want notifications to appear:
  • Show in Notification Center adds One Drop messages to the top area of the iPhone, along with your other alerts and next to Today View
  • Sounds can accompany an alert
  • Badge App Icon will add a number on the application icon for pending messages
  • Show on Lock Screen controls if you want notifications to appear when your phone's display is off
  • Alert Style When Unlocked controls how messages are displayed, as banners on the top, or pop-up alerts

Let's do this.

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Doug Kern
Feb 25, 2016

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