One Drop Among First Apps to Integrate Dexcom CGM Data

One Drop Among First Apps to Integrate Dexcom CGM Data

Spread the news - One Drop Among First Apps to Integrate Dexcom CGM Data

In case you just so happen to have missed this nugget of news gold, Dexcom opened up their API to the masses — and One Drop was there to snag a spot. In more technical terms: The CGM powerhouse took their API public, enabling third-party developers to pull Dexcom CGM data directly into their apps.

For many CGM-wearers, it's a lifeline; with Dexcom's public API, we can now take that lifeline and plug it directly into other lifelines we have spread out over our devices. So much data, all in one place makes the diabetes management experience that much more simple.

"Diabetes is a data-driven disease," said One Drop's own Jeff Dachis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“By combining Dexcom data with One Drop’s ability to connect users, coaches and diabetes peers, this partnership will help drive innovation and will bring about more affordable, accessible, scalable, and effective solutions. It's a big win for people with diabetes.”

One Drop Dexcom API Integration This is diabetes technology at its finest: a collaborative ecosystem of developers and engineers building software that speaks all sorts of app languages. And when we heard it was coming, we jumped right on board.

I'm a One Drop + Dexcom user. What does this mean for me?

One Drop users can now connect their Dexcom data direct on Android and iOS from right within the One Drop Settings. With One Drop & Dexcom apps directly linked:
  • Clinicians can now view their diabetes patients’ glucose data on their smartphones, as part of their mobile practice patient care and billing workflows.
  • Dexcom users are able to receive automated, personalized insights gained from combining data from their diabetes devices, medical records, and other apps and wearables.
  • Dexcom users can explore how their food choices impact their glucose control and connect with and learn from coaches and diabetes peers in a data-driven community.

Along with Tidepool, Ensa, Achievement, and other apps, we are thrilled that One Drop is a part of this inaugural group of Dexcom data API partners. This is how we'll continue to stay user-focused. And, with integrations like these, it's how we'll continue to push this data-driven disease forward. #wearenotwaiting


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Mary Elizabeth
Sep 20, 2017

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