10 Times Your Best Friend Showed Up For You & Your Diabetes

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Are you and your bestie a Lucy and Ethel? Maybe you’re more of a Meredith and Cristina pair. Cory and Shawn? Olivia and Elliot? Maybe there’s not even a TV pair out there like you.

Your best friend knows you maybe even better than you know yourself. So when your blood glucose levels aren’t where they’re supposed to be, your best pal is there to save the day.

They’ve also been there for the diagnosis.

And for that super low low.

They’ve seen it all, just as much as you have.

Maybe they don’t have diabetes themselves (or maybe they do, and they’re a diabestie!), but they certainly know your ever-changing carb-to-insulin ratios, or what time of day you need to take your metformin.

In honor of those best friends (who have diabetes, or who don’t), here’s a look at life with you and your bestie, tackling your diabetes, together.

10 Times Your Best Friend Showed Up For You and Your Diabetes

  1. When you were (blood sugar) high and your bestie danced it down with you. 

  2. When someone told you that you shouldn’t eat that and your best friend stepped in to tell them otherwise. 

  3. When your best friend not only mind-reads, but also blood sugar-reads. 

  4. When your bestie came over to congratulate you on your latest A1c result (regardless of what it actually was). 

  5. And when that A1c result wasn’t exactly what you wanted it to be. 

  6. When you went to diabetes camp and discovered your actual, real-life #diabestie. 

  7. When your best friend tried to keep you away from the brownies because she knew you were already running high. 

  8. When your best friend ate all your sugar tabs because they taste like Smarties.

  9. When you scored a 100 mg/dL and your bestie was there to witness it. 

  10. When your best friend got the ice cream because he knew you secretly wanted it, but wouldn’t get it. 


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    Mary Elizabeth Adams
    Jul 30, 2019

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