Diabetes, As Explained Through Emojis

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It’s World Emoji Day! And what better way to celebrate than describing our daily moments with diabetes through emojis.

We’ll try not to go too far into copy detail and let the emojis do most of the talking.

Do keep in mind: the syringe 💉 could mean a blood sugar check, or an insulin dose! 

And now, here are just a few of the diabetes range of emojis, as told to us by people with diabetes. 


The Minimalist

High and low blood glucose trends, that eventually level out to normalcy. Always holding out for those gold-star moments, which equal out to blood glucose perfection as far as the eye (and forecasts) can see.

The Roller Coaster Effect

A rollercoaster of blood sugars! Eye roll for that high, cringe for the low. And so the blood sugar saga cycle continues.

The Insulin Runner

I run on coffee and insulin. 


The Metformin Runner

I run on coffee and metformin.

The Low Carb Runner

I run on coffee and low carb. 

The Date Night

Leaving the office and trending high! So time for a bit of bolus to get those blood sugars back in check.

And we’re back.

I know wine is on the menu, which will bring those sugars down, plus this walk. Bring on the pre-dinner dessert!

Seated and ready for my pre-dinner check. Cheers to perfect blood sugars! And my hot date, of course.

Low carb dinner for the win! Makes for a perfect bedtime blood sugar, so I can snooze easy.


The Go-Getter

Morning, sunshine! I’m lookin’ at you, blood sugars.

Because I’m in bed. And I know that as soon as my feet hit that floor, you’re kickstarting your day. So here’s to you, early morning blood glucose highs, that feet-on-the-floor dawn phenomenon.

I’m coming at you with my morning metformin dose! 

The Slow and Steady

A blip on the blood sugar rollercoaster is no match for the rest of these slow and steady, in-range vibes. 

The Hero

At the end of the day, after the highs, the lows, and the just rights, we’re all superheroes in our superhero, badass blood sugar juggling abilities.


The On-the-Hour Check

Wake up. Check. Get dressed check. Walk out the door. Check. It’s that all-day check grind!

The High Blood Sugar That Just Won’t Go Down

You know that day, where you just can’t get it to come down?

The Many Faces

Can’t stop, won’t stop, no blood sugars have me down! Until they do, and then I’m crying tears of joy in my drooling, low blood sugar stooper.

How did I get here? How did this happen? Time for a sicko-mode respite. But not for long! Blood sugar normalcy has been revived.

As have I, until the revived state is a bit too revived. Meh. I’m gonna wait this one out without commentary.

And just in time, we are back leveled-out diabetes relief.

The All Day Every Day

An entire day in the life with diabetes.


Did we miss your diabetes emoji story? Show us yours! 


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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Jul 16, 2019

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