Getting Prescription Medications During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Getting Prescription Medications During the Coronavirus Outbreak - One Drop

If you have suddenly found yourself cut off from a source of income or a drastic decrease in your paycheck, know that you are not alone. We are here to help you during this period of change.

At One Drop, we are dedicated to supporting your safety and wellbeing during this time. To those facing new health or financial concerns due to this novel coronavirus, we have your back. Use code WITHYOU for 20% off payments on an existing subscription or new purchase through the end of April 2020.

Find all the details you need here to get started.

Now, more than ever, we are here to offer relief to those who need it.

Below, find our guide that will connect you to the basic information you’ll need to get through this, including different ways to get insulin, how to save on other diabetes therapies, and how to get help through government benefits.

Getting and Affording Insulin

If your insulin needs are no longer covered by health insurance, the American Diabetes Association has ways to help. At, the ADA has set up a page to get you the insulin you need during this time.

They break down how to get insulin, fast:

  • Know your insulin manufacturer - there are three insulin manufacturers who can offer immediate assistance
    • Lilly Diabetes Solution Center:
    • Novo Nordisk NovoCare:
    • Sanofi Patient Assistance Program:
  • Plan to spend at least 20-30 minutes on the phone, answering questions regarding your
    • Income
    • Active prescription information
    • Cost of monthly insulin supply
  • Find a clinic near you, using the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics’ website

Insulin Discount Cards for Insured Patients Not on Medicare 

Some insulin manufacturers provide savings cards (they work just like coupons) that provide discounts to your copays. These discount card programs work best for those with high-deductible insurance plans.

Each savings card has different details, so make sure you read each card to understand exactly how it works.

Often, if you’re using a savings card not offered by the drug company, the savings only work when applied to the full out-of-pocket cost. But having insurance (or not having insurance) does not mean you’re ineligible for the program.

Eli Lilly Savings Cards

Eli Lilly offers savings cards for two (Humulin R U500 savings cards have been discontinued) of their insulin products:

Humalog U200 Kwikpen

These cards can reduce copays to as little as $15 to $25 for the first 24 prescriptions filled.

💡Pro-Tip: Even if you have a savings card, you may still need to submit a prior authorization filled out by your doctor if the insulin you need is not preferred.

Novo Nordisk Savings Cards

Novo Nordisk offers savings cards for all of their diabetes products:

Novolog 70/30

Their diabetes savings program offers people the opportunity to pay no more than $25 for a 30-day supply for up to two years.

Sanofi Savings Cards

Savings cards from Sanofi can reduce copays to as little as $0 and are specific to each of their insulin products, which include:

Soliqua 100/33

Other Diabetes Therapies Savings Cards

Other savings cards include:


If you do not see your prescription on this list, simply type into Google (or any other search engine) [your diabetes product] + savings card to find the discount card or program from the drug manufacturer.

Insulin Patient Assistance Programs for People Uninsured or on Medicare Part D

Patient assistance programs (PAP) are programs sponsored by the pharmaceutical manufacturer to help provide financial assistance.

These programs are usually reserved for individuals without private insurance or full Medicare benefits. If you meet certain eligibility requirements, PAPs can make insulin free to you.

The largest insulin manufacturers provide PAPs, which are linked below:

Eli Lilly
Novo Nordisk

Keep in mind, these PAPs require manual applications that must be filled out by both the person requesting the drug therapy, as well as the doctor who is prescribing the medication.

All applications require a prescription and must be mailed into the manufacturer. Meaning, these PAPs require ample amounts of time and planning.

Additional Resources

You can find discounts online, using resources like MAT and GoodRx.

The Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) is a search engine to help find patient assistance resources for your medications. Sites like GoodRx, Blink Health, RxSaver, and WellRx can help you find discount coupons available for out-of-pocket savings at pharmacies in your area.

Additionally, many insurance providers have announced amended refill allowances during this period:

Unemployment Insurance

If you've recently become unemployed because of the coronavirus outbreak, consider applying for unemployment insurance during this time. Here's what you should know before starting the process.

It varies state by state.

Officially, the program is run jointly by state and federal governments. Many states set their own rules for eligibility and benefits (they are not all equal), but all follow federal guidelines. But generally speaking, most states will replace about 45% of your lost income. The majority will pay for benefits for up to 26 weeks, but some states will only go as far as 14 weeks.

The benefits offered are meant to provide temporary cash benefits to people who lost their jobs due to this novel coronavirus.

The program is currently overwhelmed by the number of claims they’re receiving, but they are planning to ramp up emergency efforts for everyone affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

To get started, start at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Unemployment Benefits Finder page. For further, more detailed information by state, check out how to apply in your state here.

One Drop Is Here for You ❤️

If you need help during this time, we have personal coaches here to help. Our One Drop coaches are part of every package and are just a message away. No appointment necessary. Reach out to your coach for support, ideas, and guidance as COVID-19 continues to evolve.

Most importantly, remember that you are not alone. One Drop is here for you, and we will get through this, together (while still keeping our distance and self-cocooning at home!). 

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Mar 23, 2020

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