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Two T1Ds Walk Into a Bar: Drinking With Diabetes & Some Unexpected Rewards

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Last Call! đź—Ł

Haley and I have had an awesome time chatting all things life and living with diabetes over fancy cocktails (we'll take another round of skinny margaritas!).

Funny enough, we've even heard from a lot of you in regards to the drinking with diabetes part -- this is something that not everyone is OK with, and that's just fine! For some, drinking with diabetes is an absolute no-can-do; for others, it works quite alright.

For Haley and myself? We make it work! For our other friends, not so much.

And it's been really interesting to hear all of your opinions -- some of you enjoy a nice glass of Merlot each night; others of you haven't touched the stuff since being diagnosed.

And you know what, we get it. ;) We each have our things when it comes to managing our diabetes. Whatever works, is our mantra!

It's our last episode in our Two T1Ds Walk Into a Bar series. And I've got one last question before Haley and I get the check:

Haley, What's Your Least Favorite Thing About Having Diabetes?

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For Those of You Just Tuning In

Haley is a good friend of mine who's had type 1 diabetes for 20+ years. We met about 4 years ago at a JDRF event in San Francisco and have been close ever since!

It's what we like to call that instant diabetes connection.

Basically, we're each others diabesties (diabetes besties). So we decided, why not sit down, have a few margaritas and talk all things diabetes together.

We've talked already about the best parts, the worst parts, and the cool parts of diabetes. In this video, we're talking more about those not-so-great parts to diabetes, but also some unexpected rewards.

Check it out below!

Haley touches on all her "least favorite things” about having diabetes, which many of us can relate to: the worry, never getting a break, regret about not being more responsible way back when. 

But Haley also talks about how rewarding diabetes can be. Yes, rewarding. It's that special satisfaction you feel when you're totally nailing it. 💥

So, When's the Last Time You Nailed Diabetes?

You know the feeling: "Who needs a pancreas?! I've got this sh*t down."

Were you drinking with diabetes? Were you traveling abroad with diabetes? What about totally nailing your last bolus, or if you got to an in-range blood sugar average of 89% for the last month.

Even if only for a day or a few hours -- tell us all about it!  Here, here, or here. These are the stories that keep us going when the going gets tough! 

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Rachel Sanchez-Madhur
May 24, 2018

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