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Jeff & Rachel Eat Out: Grey Lady NYC - Part 1

eating out with diabetes - how to eat out with diabetes

Throwback alert! ūüö®¬†The making of this video happened well before the launch of our Chrome meter, so we're using old BGM technology. Look how far we've come!¬†

Here's one of our videos from a lunch at Grey Lady NYC! We decided to have a little fun and embark on a mini T1D adventure: our first #BGchallenge (Blood Glucose challenge)!

Eating out with diabetes

We know, firsthand,  the perils (or positives!?) associated with eating out with diabetes. With so many places focused on carb-centric foods, it can be tough for those of us with diabetes to find the right dish when we're eating out. Then again, we gotta live a little sometimes! Why not go for the bowl of pasta on your birthday, or the piece of cake on your anniversary?! Eating out with diabetes can be done, and we're here to show you how you can make it fun. Generally, the goal of a #BGchallenge is to feast on something awesome (usually something very carb-y) and see what happens! It's all about eating, checking, shooting up, and seeing what happens. Let the good times roll!

How To Play ūüé≤

1) Grab a friend. 2) Pick a challenge food. 3) Check blood glucose pre-meal. (Friends, even if you don't have diabetes, you've got to check too!) 4) Estimate carbs. 5) Take insulin. 6) Check blood glucose some time later (post-meal) to see how you did! (Again, friends, that means you too!) You can define the "winner" however you like -- we're all winners here!

Even More Blood Glucose Challenges! ūüôĆ

More and more people with diabetes are finding ways to turn their BG checks into fun. Which we are totally on board with! A quick search online for #bgnow¬†on¬†Instagram or Twitter¬†reveals tons of people with diabetes proudly showing off our BGs -- the before, the after, the highs, the lows. It's all there! When joining Facebook groups like Diabetes Strong Community, you'll see tons of others throwing up their numbers. It's a great way for us to encourage each other to check more, plus remind us that we're all doing this, together.¬† If you didn't catch it above, be sure to watch Part 1 of our #BGchallenge to see how we started! And find it anytime on the One Drop Vimeo channel. ūü镬†Happy viewing! diabetes - blood glucose
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Rachel Sanchez-Madhur
Jul 09, 2018

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