5 Ways to Get Back On Track

5 Ways to Get Back On Track - One Drop

Inspiration is key in helping us along our way to better health; it's what keeps us searching for wellness and greatness from within. But too often, we get derailed on our wellness journeys by situations we deem dull or disappointing.

On days when blood sugars soar for no reason, it’s so easy to throw in the towel; likewise, when receiving blood work results and not reaching the goals you set out to achieve, the first thought many of us have is why should I even try?

For those of us with diabetes or any sort of chronic condition, these types of moments seem not just overwhelming, but like a complete setback. So how do you pick yourself up in these moments? How do you get back on track to nurturing and bettering yourself? It's all about finding your inspiration. 

Ways to Find Daily Inspiration

1. Let Go of Perfection

There is no one way to achieve the best health. It’s scientific! Every single one of us has a different patchwork inside of us, meaning that what may work for another person’s health plan doesn’t necessarily work for yours. The more approaches you try, the more you learn. Always look for as many answers as possible. Then, see if any can be combined, modified, or turned upside down.

2. See Failure as Opportunity

When something goes wrong, embrace it. You can only do better when you know better. And knowing better requires experiencing something that didn’t go according to plan. What did you learn from your experience? What could you have done differently to get the desired outcome? Also, be sure to note any positive outcomes along the way. There’s opportunity in every crisis.

3. Learn From and Lean On Others

Benefit from the people who have gone before you. Seek out stories, experiences, and advice. There are so many others out there fighting the same fight as you -- you just need to find them! Hearing experiences from others can help jumpstart your own progress. Find people in Facebook Groups, your local community, support groups -- just find your tribe to help you see things in new and different ways.

4. Always Move Forward

It’s OK when the cholesterol numbers don’t come back like you’d hoped; it’s OK when you overindulge in the Reese's. These things happen -- it’s all part of our own journey. The information we gain about what works and what doesn’t is required knowledge for making something better. Accept the moment, that it’s part of your process. When disappointment strikes, know that the moment is temporary. It’s a time of learning and reassessment, but you’re still moving forward.

5. Reflect On Your Accomplishments

Each day, take a moment to recognize where you are on your journey. What happened today that gives you insight into your health and wellness? Make sure to find the positives in each day. Recognize the good that comes along with the daily challenges, and know that this awareness itself is a huge accomplishment. Checking in daily to see how far you’ve come makes how far you need to go seem that much more achievable.

The slightest changes in perspective can catapult you forward. Use these tips daily to help you find your inspiration and continue building a stronger, healthier, more outstanding you.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Jul 15, 2020

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