On the Seventh Day of Diabadass

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The 7th Day of Diabadass: Meet Roberta

Roberta Johnson is absolute diabadass perfection. Because she has such a story to tell, we thought it would be best to have her tell it to you herself. Here's Roberta, in her own words, to tell you her beautiful, powerful, awe-inspiring story: 

"Wow – what a journey! I am a 53-year-old, unbelievably joyful woman who has SO many reasons to be thankful. I have been an educator for 32 years, and have taught choir, band, reading, Interpersonal Communications and theatre. I am currently working on my 3rd graduate degree – this time, a Master’s in School Counseling. I tend to tell people that my ‘diabetes story’ began about 8 years ago, after my weight had climbed to the point that my knees weren’t handling it anymore. In a ‘routine’ check-up with my doctor (to check rising cholesterol levels and an adequate 'anxiety medication' dose for a lengthy period of depression), she discovered that I had diabetes. But really and truly, my journey began with gestational diabetes in 1993. I had GD for 3 out of my 4 pregnancies, and I knew that my risk for T2D was high. I just thought I could hold it off for a long time. However, I was 45 at my T2D diagnosis. I made a lot of changes at that moment. I lost 30 pounds within a couple of months, and dropped my A1C significantly with metformin, diet, and exercise. That was 2010. After living in a 25-year difficult marriage, (and all the while, dealing with pain from childhood trauma), I was at a dangerous time in my life. I left that marriage. With the help of a dear friend, I got off all meds for depression. I dug into figuring out how to love myself with the help of several therapists. Two years ago, I married that dear friend, Darryl. (He also had endured a very difficult marriage.) We have blended our family and have 6 grown children together. The life we now have is full of more laughter and joy - every single day – than I could have ever thought possible. Even though he has gone through two brain surgeries (thankfully, not cancer, but very dangerous), and I was diagnosed with Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma last year, we are the happiest two people that I know. type 2 diabetes management - gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes - how to control type 2 diabetes - type 2 diabetes normal a1c With Darryl’s help, I am off metformin and my A1C is at 6.0%. One Drop has been (and is) a huge part of my success in managing my diabetes. Darryl and I work together on stress management, exercise as much as we can, and always focus on being thankful for what we have been given in each other, and in our family. We put each other first, and we make sure laughter is a big part of our life. We look around every day and see evidence of just how amazing life is, everywhere." bluetooth blood glucose meter - best diabetes meter - meter for diabetes - cheap diabetes test strips
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Mary Elizabeth
Dec 12, 2018

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