One Drop | Guide to Handling the Summer Holidays with Diabetes

One Drop | Guide to Handling the Summer Holidays with Diabetes
Do you find it hard to manage your diabetes during the holidays? The holidays are meant to be a time for family, friends, and fun. Unfortunately, for many people with diabetes, they can be very stressful. The meals are large and usually unhealthy. Snacks are bottomless and it feels like you can't move ten feet without someone offering you more food! If you're on track in managing your diabetes, you’ve worked hard to keep your blood glucose in range, exercise, and watch your diet. And you're not going to let that go!

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Keep On Keepin' On! 

It's important to avoid, or at least limit, foods that can make your blood sugar skyrocket -- mainly carbohydrates (carbs). Carbs are found in many popular holiday foods including pasta, bread, cakes, cookies, and ice cream. The key to staying in range is to plan ahead! Tell yourself you will only have a few bites of something you really want and decide ahead of time how you will deal with social pressure. Remember--you can always just walk away.

Pro-Tip: It takes 20 minutes for you to realize you're full.

Luckily, staying on track during the festivities is totally possible--it just requires a bit of planning! It's easy to feel empowered and prepared for the holiday festivities. Here are just a few pointers:
Things to consider if you're hosting:
❑ Include lots of filling, low carb options such as vegetables and dip, meats, cheese, and nuts. ❑ Avoid sampling more than necessary while cooking.

Download our low carb guide for 40+ food options to serve at your next party! 

Things to consider if you're a guest:
❑ Bring a healthy dish that you know you can enjoy. ❑ Ask the host beforehand what will be served. ❑ Decide ahead of time how much you will eat and how you will handle social pressure. Be sure to check out our infographic for our full list of tips on how to stay focused and healthy this season! Summer is such a fun time; don't miss out on any of it because of diabetes. You've got this -- we are in it, together! Happy Summer Fun. ☀ diabetes management diabetes management - blood glucose
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Rachel Sanchez-Madhur
May 22, 2018

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