Julie Beck on Taking Charge of Her Diabetes

Julie Beck on Taking Charge of Her Diabetes - One Drop

Meet Julie

Julie Beck has been with One Drop for a long time. In fact, we like to refer to her as OG OD. She’s an original One Drop user. Julie has been with One Drop since the beginning; since even before the beginning!

We’ve profiled Julie before, so you may already be familiar with her story. She came to us from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan in 2015 (even before we had launched the One Drop app!), and she’s been with us ever since.

Where Julie lives, there’s not a lot of specialized care available. There is 1 endocrinologist in the area -- about 100 miles away. But Julie can’t take that kind of time off from work to see him.

Instead, she opted to give One Drop a try 5 years ago as one of our beta test users. And since then, Julie no longer worries about diabetes. She now has a different, more confident mindset because she knows she’s getting all the tools she needs to stay on track, every single day.

Why One Drop?

Take it from Julie herself.

“When I saw that there was availability to just text someone, I went for it. Having somebody there who’s been there, who’s had experience with those types of things I’m dealing with makes a big difference. Especially coming from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan where everybody knows everyone’s business, having my One Drop coach who’s outside of it all is really refreshing.”

Julie admits that it’s the support that is key: both knowing it’s there and available to her when needed, plus the actual guidance she’s gotten over these past five years.

“At first, it was a little scary -- to take that leap and trust someone I’d never met. But when we have the opportunity to be educated about a condition, we can make educated decisions. And those can be life-changing; they have been, for me.”

For Julie, healthcare is all about being educated. As she explains it, the more you know for yourself and the more you’re willing to seek out and try, the more you’re able to put all the pieces together to live a longer, more quality life.

Take One Drop Predictions, for example.

“The forecasting is kind of like a dream. It takes all of the foundational stuff that I have to do myself, day in and day out, and does it for me so that I can focus on managing other things. It really helps me to see the bigger picture, rather than narrowing in on or worrying about the current situation.”

Being free from that nagging worry opens up so much more time to enjoy the rest of life.

Blood sugar predictions also give Julie the ability to be proactive, rather than reactive -- a sentiment to which many of us with diabetes can relate.

“One Drop has given me more than just the basic diabetes skills -- it helps me along my journey as a whole. It’s helped me build my understanding of what diabetes means to me as an individual on a very advanced level.”

Julie's Inspirational Diabetes Journey 

Now, Julie maintains a consistent (and healthy) A1C below 7%. With her coach’s guidance and blood sugar predictions at her fingertips, Julie feels safe and supported. 

“I don’t have to micromanage diabetes. It’s simply a part of me that I take care of. I’ve got a lot of living to do and with One Drop, I’ve got the tools I need for my journey.”

Take a look at Julie’s testimony below!

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Apr 22, 2020

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