How to Stand Out In One Drop's Recruiting Process and Find a Job You Love

How to Stand Out In One Drop's Recruiting Process and Find a Job You Love

Regardless of your exact industry or career path, the recruiting process is almost like a dance: You can learn certain techniques and elements to prepare you for your performance, so to speak, but ultimately, you have to be aware of and respond to the situation as it’s happening in the present moment. So, how do you prepare for the dance that is the recruiting process here at One Drop?

First, it might help to have a general overview of what to expect in One Drop’s recruiting process. “We always start with a call with a member of our recruiting team,” explains Miraque Hicks, senior vice president of people operations and talent at One Drop. “We want to take the time to get to know you, so please come to this conversation well-versed in your resume, but also prepared with questions about the role, the company, and anything else you’d like to know.”

If you hit it off with the recruiter, you’ll then move on to a video call with your hiring manager, followed by a possible assignment or presentation that’s specific to the role you’re applying for. After that, you’ll advance to an onsite meeting (or video meeting during COVID and for remote candidates) with about three or four people, and then the final interview stage entails a video meeting with One Drop CEO, Jeff Dachis.

Throughout that entire process, think of the One Drop recruiter you initially connected with as your “advocate,” says Hicks. They’re there to not only guide you through each interview step, but also campaign for you to get the role you want and deserve.

Want to learn more about how One Drop sources talent and how you can stand out from the crowd of applicants? Here are some pointers from our recruiting team.

Before Applying, Ask Yourself: Am I a Good Fit?

One Drop is a startup company with a clear mission: to transform health, change lives, and create new opportunities for everyone. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions. 

So, before you even send in an application, be honest with yourself about whether that mission aligns with your own career goals. “We’re looking for smart, passionate individuals with entrepreneurial spirits,” shares Hicks. “We’re also looking for people who exude our core values of empathy, respect, humility, gratitude, and integrity.”

To demonstrate gratitude or empathy, for example, remember to send emails to your interviewers after each call to thank them for their time (bonus points if you can organically mention a personal detail that your interviewer slipped in during your call).

Additionally, “make sure you have all the technical skills listed in our ‘You’ll bring’ and ‘Must have’ sections on the application,” adds Nahla White, senior technical recruiter at One Drop. And, if you don’t have some of those skills, but you’re still interested in applying, show humility during your interview by admitting what you need to work on and expressing your interest in expanding your skills.

Do Your Research

Sure, your application might initially stick out from the bunch because of your credentials or your experience at startup companies. But it’s key to know what One Drop, specifically, is aiming to achieve as a company and how you can help support our mission.

“When an interviewer asks why you applied, have a solid response prepared that showcases your passion and drive, as well as your knowledge of the company’s mission,” says White. And, if you advance to the next steps in the recruiting process, be sure to do your research on each team member you’re scheduled to meet with, too, she adds, especially since they may eventually become your managers or colleagues.

But the company’s background isn’t the only research you should be doing. You also need to know how to best communicate your own talents and experience throughout the recruiting process. Yes, you can recite your resume backward and forward with your eyes closed, but can you quantify any of your accomplishments from those jobs? What data can you bring to the recruiting process that proves your success and truly makes you stand out?

“We’re looking to see what you’ve done and the metrics that made you successful,” says Hicks. “Take the time out to play up some of the wins you’ve had at previous experiences,” whether it’s a spike in sales at your last job thanks to a business strategy that you implemented, or a passion project you worked on that you’re especially proud of.

Don’t Be Afraid to Connect Outside of Emails and Applications

Most job applications don’t leave room for much creativity or personalization, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little of your personality in other ways—for instance, on any public websites or social media pages you may have.

“We recruit people from a number of different platforms, as people often share what they’re passionate about on their public pages and social media platforms,” explains Hicks. “So make sure there’s consistency across those pages.”

On Linkedin, for example, at minimum, make sure your page “tells us what you’ve done in previous roles” and that your bio is “clear and updated,” says Hicks.

But, again, it doesn’t hurt to get creative with these details, adds White. “Any personal touches or indications of your personality are a plus,” she explains, whether it’s in your Linkedin headline, choice of photo, profile layout, or even your writing style.

Interested in joining the One Drop team? Check out our Careers page to find an opportunity that’s right for you.
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Allie Strickler
Dec 15, 2021

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