Introducing One Drop | Premium

We're excited to launch One Drop | Premium, a monthly subscription service for consumers that includes:
  • One Drop | Chrome: Our new glucose monitoring system. Gorgeous, precise, and wirelessly connected to the One Drop | Mobile app.
  • Unlimited Test Strips: as many as you need, delivered to your door
  • One Drop | Experts: 24/7 in-app diabetes support from Certified Diabetes Educators and an AADE/ADA based digital therapeutics program designed to keep you on track
  • One Drop | Mobile: An award-winning mobile diabetes management solution to track glucose, meds, activity, and food for iOS and Android
Order today! One Drop | Premium is available to addresses in the US, UK, and EU.       https://vimeo.com/175599799  
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Doug Kern
Aug 12, 2016

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