Two T1Ds Walk Into a Bar 🍻 What's the BEST Part About Having Diabetes?

best part - life with diabetes

There's a best part to diabetes? 🤔

A little while ago, I met up with my friend Haley to chat about life with diabetes over margaritas. Haley, like me, has had diabetes since she was a kid, so we both know what a pain it can be. I told Haley she could ask me any question she wanted. But when she asked me about "the best part" about having diabetes, I couldn't help but laugh! I mean, seriously? A best part to diabetes? Isn't it all just... bad?

Real Talk: Life with diabetes

Believe it or not, there are best parts to living with diabetes. Like when you go to the grocery store, overhear someone looking for a low-carb pasta alternative, and strike up a conversation (new diabestie?). 🤝 Or when you reach your A1C goal, and feel like the most ultimate champion of your own life. 🎖 Or that moment you realize, for the very first time, you've had diabetes longer than not having it, and can't help but think how far you've come. 🤩 Those are just a few of the best moments of life with diabetes. Want to know my best part of having diabetes? Check out the video below! 🍹

Has diabetes had a positive impact on your life?

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know your favorite part(s) of living with diabetes here, here, or hereAnd be sure to check out our next video to get my take on the worst part about having diabetes. 😬 one drop - life with diabetes
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Rachel Sanchez-Madhur
Apr 24, 2018

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