A Slaw for All Seasons

Low Carb Jalapeño Brussels Sprouts Slaw - One Drop

Calling all Brussels lovers. (And haters, too! We're going to change your mind about the sprout.) We are in the height of Brussels sprout season.

Rich in fiber and antioxidants and being low carb (not to mention the packed vitamin punch), Brussels sprouts are hugely beneficial. And superbly delicious. 

Brussels sprouts do have a reputation for their bitterness. But, when cooked properly, that bitterness can become undetectable and the sprouts become a flavorful, crunchy add-on to any meal.

What is a Slaw?

When you think of slaw (or coleslaw), you probably don’t immediately think of Brussels sprouts as being part of the dish. So what is it that makes a slaw, a slaw?

Slaw is simply a shredded or thinly chopped salad of raw vegetables with a vinegar-based (or mayonnaise) glaze. What’s most important when choosing the dressing base is that it has that certain acidity zing to it. 

Technically, you could make a slaw out of any one of your favorite vegetables! Since Brussels sprouts are hugely in-season this time of year, they'll serve as our vegetable base for this particular recipe.

One last thing before digging in: when picking your sprouts at the grocery, be sure to go for the ones that are 1-1.5 inches in diameter. The smaller the head, the less bitter they’ll be!
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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Dec 24, 2022

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