Luck of the Irish? More like Luck of the Person With Diabetes! 🍀

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Kiss Me, I'm a Person With Diabetes!

Luck of the Irish? Sure, it's a thing.

But so is the Luck of the PWD (person with diabetes). Lucky stars, lucky strikes, or lucky charms, we've all been there: a panic-inducing diabetes moment, quelled by none other than our magical PWD-being.

This St. Patrick's Day, raise a glass (or a vial) to the Luck of the PWD. 🍻

When you overcorrect that high...
... but somehow (pure magic✨) stick the perfect blood sugar landing.
When you're low in the middle of nowhere...

... but you happen upon an unopened packet of honey in your pocket. 🤷‍♂️ And then you're like wow, I love old me, always prepped and ready with sugar stashes for future me. #brushyourshouldersoff


When you are actually low...

... (not like, fake low, to get out of a speeding ticket) and race home to get your fix. You arrive in your driveway, safe & sound, still in one piece, no cop sightings to be had.


When you've run out of all your pump sites...

None in your supply closet, none in your backup backpack stash. But then! You find two miraculously hiding in your suitcase from your vacation 6 months ago!

When you get to school first thing in the AM...

... only to realize you've left your entire insulin pen stash at home (current pen, backup pen, pen needles, the whole shebang). And then you remember - you gave your school nurse that apocalypse kit, way back when.

When your test strip vial falls into the street... 

... pops open, and all your test strips land in a puddle. You can kiss all those 50 test strips goodbye. And then you're like, I've got all the test strips I could ever need with my One Drop subscription! #IDGAFaboutmyteststripusagebecauseihavealltheteststripsintheworld 🙌


When you are totally out of pen needles...

Your last one just broke on your skin from being so dull. And then you remember that syringe hack you learned. AND you just so happen to have one (☝!) syringe on-hand!

When you spill juice on yourself during a low...  

... and naturally must wash everything. Everything, including your pump, that was in your jean pocket. You pull it out of the wash. It still works. They weren't kidding when they said it was "waterproof."

When your pump reservoir runs out at the concert...

You think you have to go home. But then. You find. An old vial of insulin and syringe in your fanny pack! Safe to stay.

When you can't remember taking your long-acting dose... 

... and didn't record it in your One Drop app. Everything looks normal; everything feels normal. 8 hours later and still no spikes - silly rabbit, you def took that dose. 😉

When you're out on St. Patrick's Day, go low...

... have to climb over the jungle of people to get to the bar, and know you're gonna have to explain your “just OJ, no alcohol” situation. Luckily, this bartender “gets you” and this one's on him. #noexplanationneeded

When you eat pizza...

... knowing full well that you will experience (and mentally preparing for) a blood sugar rollercoaster for the next 12 hours. And just like that, it's 12 hours later, and you nailed that fast-acting insulin-to-pizza ratio.

Happy St. Pancreas -- erm -- St. Patrick's Day! 🎩

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Mar 08, 2019

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