Meet the One Drop Dads!

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Whether they’re just a few months into the job, or their Dad career already spans decades, the One Drop Dads are a remarkable bunch.

These dadly dudes are obviously busy making sure we have our One Drop app up and running everyday, that our test strips get shipped out the door, and that all those blood sugar predictions work!

But they’re just as heads-down taking care of their kids. With Father’s Day only a few days away, we’re giving a special shout to all the Dads at One Drop.

Meet some of them below!


Dan is One Drop’s Head Data Scientist. He’s the one you can thank for creating all the algorithms used to power One Drop’s Predictive Insights.

But beyond that, Dan is Dad to 6-year-old Lillian. What does being Lillian’s dad mean to Dan?

Never lacking for joy.”


Doug is The Man with The Plan. He manages the One Drop store and retail business. He makes sure we all get our meters and test strips when we need them! 

He’s also got a side-hustle going on. Doug is employed by his two daughters, where he holds his most-prized position ever as Dad.

Being a Dad is the best job ever. It’s a lifelong, humbling, messy and hugely rewarding experience that you make up as you go.


Mark heads up our One Drop Diabetes Coaching programs. He also recently had his first kid, Hannah! And he’s pretty stoked about it.

So stoked, that he took Hannah out to the San Diego Padres ballgame so she could have her moment on the big screen. Mark, we don’t blame you. She’s a dream. 😍

"Being a dad is the greatest honor and biggest responsibility of my life. It means being present for my daughter, loving her and making sure she knows I will always be there for her." 


Nick helps build the mobile app at One Drop. You might say he's an App Builder. The next time you’re logging your metformin dose or your meal-time BG, take a quick second to thank Nick for that. 😉

But beyond welding together a million-plus user app (NBD), Nick's everything is being Dad to his daughter. 

Being a dad for me is the difference between seeing the world in color and seeing it in black and white. Once you're a dad, you can't imagine living in the world any other way.”  


Meet Oz, Head of Product at One Drop. He makes all things One Drop run smoothly, and then some. 

And then, even some more! When he's not running the One Drop Product show, Oz is taking care of his two daughters. He's particularly skilled at helping them with their math homework. 

"Being a dad is one of the greatest gifts and challenges of life. It means the world to me."


Josh is OG OD. He was part of the original group that created the One Drop app from scratch. Currently, he leads the iOS development effort (he's on the front lines for the iPhone version of the app). 

In Josh's words, being Dad means: 

"Holy crap! I’ve got to make sure this little guy grows up happy and complete so he has a great life! So that’s stressful.

"But he’s also such an amazing, fun, and lovable little dude. It’s a pretty crazy adventure." 


Meet Jhonathan! Like Nick, Jhonathan puts the pieces to the One Drop app puzzle together -- he's another App Builder of ours. He sprinkles in some code here and there, and voila! The magic is at your fingertips thanks to him. 

But the real magic, according to Jhonathan, is being Dad to his two daughters.

I can't put it into words. It’s just this feeling of infinite happiness when I come home and they have this look in their eyes when they see me. It's the absolute best part of my day, every day.


Jeff’s kind of like the official One Drop Dad (he’s the Founder and Chief Executive Officer here at One Drop).

He also lives with diabetes. He was diagnosed while also juggling his full-time dadly duties. He created One Drop to make the lives of people living with diabetes (dads included) easier.

On top of being a diabetes superhero, Jeff’s kids, Ruby and Julian, know him as their Dad. What’s that like?

In a lot of ways, being a Dad represents the completion of a shift from being completely self-focused, to being completely other-focused on my kids and family. Which, when you think about it, is quite liberating.

"I have been blessed with the gift of having the opportunity to (along with my particularly amazing wife) bring humans into the world and hopefully guide them to be ‘good’ humans on the planet. Big responsibility, but endless endless joy. It also means I get to lob ‘dad jokes’ unflinchingly at the most inopportune moments.

"Really, it is the best thing ever.


The Keeper of the One Drop Server. Aka Raghu. He’s the guy that makes sure our diabetes data actually lives (and stays!) somewhere safe. 

Raghu’s also the family picture-taker. You know, the one who’s never in the actual pictures because he’s the one taking all of them! Lucky for us, he was able to dig deep and find one where he’s featured in front of the camera.

Raghu’s favorite part of being a dad? The joys and tribulations of raising teenagers.


We’ve got Malcolm on the mic. 🎤 He’s taking things from here.

Spoiler Alert: Tear-Jerker Ahead

What I do at One Drop:

"Web Development. To me, that means translating the incredibly talented and creative work of others into something useful and understandable, on one of the most broadly distributed and available technologies in the world.

"At One Drop, that could mean building out highly visible interactive reports, continuously reducing friction in our eCommerce experience, or a smartwatch face that displays a customers average blood sugar with the flick of a wrist."

What being a dad means to me:

"Gratitude and compassion. On a recent flight, I was already missing my baby boy terribly (I’d been gone from him for about two hours, this was at the start of the trip). After take-off, a toddler about his age started wailing, and I had to turn to bury my face into the window to hide my tears.

"I could empathize with those parents, and I too wanted nothing more than to make that child feel safe and comfortable. And I was deeply embarrassed, because I could recall that, in numerous similar situations prior to becoming a father, I had thought, “the gall of such people to bring a screaming child and subjecting the rest of us to it.

"I have a new-found appreciation for the enumerable parents throughout history that have done far more with far less and probably complained about it a lot less than I do. And also, to my own parents, who did more for me than I could have ever imagined."

MIC. 👏 DROP. 👏 

To all our Dads, all over the world, we wish you the most wonderful time spent with your family this weekend.

Thanks for all you do!  

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Jun 13, 2019

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