How do we make diabetes education more accessible?

One Drop | Experts: Accessibility
When Jamie was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008, she wasn't given much direction. Her primary care doctor wrote her a prescription for Metformin and said 'see you again in 6 months.' She went home with a lot of questions about diabetes and very few answers. Unfortunately, Jamie's experience is all too common.

We have a diabetes education access problem

Many people with diabetes simply don't have access to basic, high quality diabetes education. A recent study found that only 6.8% of people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes received diabetes education in the first year after their diagnosis. Put another way, over 93% of people diagnosed with diabetes - a condition that requires you to take care of yourself on daily basis - have not been given the information they need to be successful. As the number of people diagnosed with diabetes increases, so will the challenge of giving people the information and tools they need to take care of themselves. One Drop | Experts is eliminating barriers and making high quality diabetes education accessible to everyone. Let's take a look at the barrier to traditional diabetes education and what One Drop | Experts is doing about them.


  • The barrier: Some people with diabetes don't live anywhere near a diabetes educator, so their access is limited. Sometimes the closest diabetes education program is just too far away or too difficult to get to.
  • One Drop | Experts: Using our mobile platform, we're able to deliver diabetes education, regardless of geography. Just pick up your phone and chat with your CDE no matter how far you live from the nearest diabetes education program.
For people like me who live in the boonies with no diabetes educator nearby, One Drop is awesome. Now I have a very knowledgable CDE via text whenever I need him. Jamie (T2D)


  • The barrier: Diabetes education takes time and with work and family obligations, classes aren't always scheduled at times when people can get to them.
  • One Drop | Experts: One Drop | Experts is available anytime, no appointments necessary. Have a question or need some information? Simply pick up your phone and ask, and we'll be there to answer. We even have access to your diabetes data, so we can give you feedback and help you solve problems in real-time - no need to wait for you next appointment!
One Drop | Experts: Accessibility


  • The barrier: Traditional diabetes education isn't not always presented in a way that makes it easy to learn what's being taught. Classes dump an overwhelming amount of information on people all at once, and oftentimes don't offer any individualized support or follow-up. This makes it hard for people to learn and make changes to their behavior - which is the ultimate goal of diabetes education.
  • One Drop | Experts: Our basic diabetes education, called One Drop | Experts On-Track, takes place over the course of 9 weeks. We give you the information, tools and support you need to manage diabetes, in language that's easy to understand and at a comfortable pace. And our support never ends - even after the formal program is over, your Expert will still be there for you, however and whenever you need them.
I'm grateful for your ongoing support. For the first time in my life I actually feel supported from a professional. I think I'm understanding this disease much better now and I have a better sense of what I must do to control this disease. -Anna (T2D)


  • The barrier: Insurance companies often limit the number of diabetes education sessions that people can attend and paying out of pocket for education on how to manage this serious condition is not an option for many people. This leaves people who need ongoing diabetes education without the support they need.
  • One Drop | Experts: One Drop | Experts is included with a One Drop | Premium subscription, so for a low monthly subscription, you get unlimited test strips but unlimited access to a Certified Diabetes educator. No more paying out of pocket for information you need to manage your diabetes, or insurance companies telling you how much time you get with your CDE. One Drop offers diabetes education (and a whole lot more) at a price you can afford.
I love that I can get guidance from my CDE anytime, without worrying about how I'm going to pay for it. -Marty (T1D)

One Drop | Experts

One Drop | Experts is changing the game in diabetes education by giving users tools and personalized support they need to manage their diabetes, where ever they live, whatever their schedule, in language that's easy to understand, at a pace that helps them learn, and at price they can afford.
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Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE
Feb 14, 2017

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