We’re Not Making Year-End Predictions—We’re Making Them All Year Long!

We’re Not Making Year-End Predictions—We’re Making Them All Year Long! - One Drop

Since we launched Predictive Insights in September 2018, One Drop’s AI-powered glucose forecasts have been growing. And thriving.

Because who doesn’t love getting blood sugar predictions sent to you on your phone, not to mention real-time suggestions for ways to avoid those highs or lows that may be in your forecast?

We can only do so much by looking back. By looking ahead with our Predictive Insights, it’s like having an advanced collision avoidance system for your diabetes, and offers enormous peace of mind.

In 2019:

We expanded Predictive Insights to all people with type 2 diabetes

We rolled out our Predictive Insights program in 2018 with predictions only available to people with diabetes, not on insulin.

Today, we give predictions to all people with type 2 diabetes, as well as people with gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes who check blood sugar. All we need from you is one blood sugar to get started!

We made your blood sugar forecast as available as your weather forecast

On iOS, your blood sugar forecast is now always visible on the Insights tab. You can check your forecast at any time!

Beneath your Health Tiles and Time in Range graphs you’ll see a preview of your forecast. Click through to find an actual graph of your forecast, along with confidence intervals (the smaller dots above and below the larger forecast dots).

The graph also shows the in-range zone, personalized automatically for you based on your logged meals or your usual meal times. All of this coming very soon to Android!

We gave you more forecasts, more often, and with more information

We surveyed forecast users and heard a loud and clear request: to receive forecasts every time you log and to include more information with each forecast.

Done! But we’re not stopping there -- in the works are plans to make the forecasts even more informative. Coming up next will be more fine-tuned, information-rich behavior suggestions.

We announced a new algorithm: predictive insights for CGM users

At the Diabetes Technology Society meeting in Bethesda, Maryland, this November, we announced that we’ve developed an algorithm to provide glucose forecasts to continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users.

Our method accurately predicts blood sugar levels within 30 mg/dL of the CGM-measured values up to 120 minutes in advance.

At 30 minutes, predictions are within 30 mg/dL more than 97% of time; at 60 minutes, predictions were within 30 mg/dL 78% of the time.

In February 2020, we’ll be releasing additional results for our CGM algorithm at the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes conference in Madrid. More importantly, this algorithm will be available in your One Drop app, soon!

Our year in AI numbers

A year in numbers? How about a year in One Drop AI numbers. We blew those out of the water! In 2019, we saw:

  • 500% growth in the number of users receiving forecasts each day
  • 1500% growth in number of forecasts delivered each day
  • 80% of users who get forecasts give feedback
  • 93% of that feedback is positive

We are thrilled to forge ahead with predictions, insights, and forecasts in ways that will enable you to take charge of your diabetes!

Join us in 2020 to make even more year-long predictions.

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Dan Goldner, PhD
Dec 23, 2019

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