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real good pizza
Pizza ūüćē and diabetes don't usually mix. The dangerous combo of fatty cheese and carb-filled dough guarantees spiked blood sugar, plus a bloated waistline. One Drop Today is based in NYC ‚ÄĒ the pizza mecca! What is a health conscious diabetes company to do when we're craving a gooey, greasy slice? That's where low-carb¬†Real Good Foods Co.¬†pizza steps in.

The Options

Pizza for breakfast? Heck yeah! Scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese & cheese sauce are topped with uncured bacon, uncured pepperoni, or Italian sausage. Real Good Foods Co. also offers the classic options. Try the Supreme (non-GMO veggies & clean protein), Pepperoni or classic Three Cheese. Real Good No matter what pizza(s) you choose, they'll be shipped for free¬†& arrive on dry ice¬†‚ĚĄ

The Nutrition

The proprietary crust is made with antibiotic & hormone free chicken and all natural parmesan cheese. By using clean, natural ingredients, instead of high-carb grains, Real Good Foods Co. makes a pizza that puts the typical slice to shame. Real Good The average slice of fast-food cheese pizza weighs in at 272 calories, >33 grams of carbs, and <13 grams of protein. Each Real Good 5" Three Cheese personal pizza is 240 calories, 4 grams of carbs, and 25 grams of protein! The downside? Real Good Pizza Co. is higher in sodium and lacks dietary fiber.

The Review

Taste Test

The breakfast¬†pizzas owe their taste¬†to the toppings.¬†I preferred mine with a generous drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Eggs are extremely low carb to begin with, so having an alternative isn't pressing.¬†But, I'd happily sub out my morning omelette for a convenient bacon & egg Real Pizza every now & then. The classic pizzas on the other hand... One Drops gives¬†all three options 5 stars. This super low carb substitute is cheesy and packed with flavor. Our favorite? The Supreme, of course! The more toppings, the better ūüėČ

Cooking Method

Real Good Pizza Co.¬†lets customers choose between the microwave or oven. Nuking your personal pizza is a quicker option (left), but we prefer the conventional baking method (right). Pro-tip: Switch the oven to broil for a few minutes at the end for extra crispy cheese. Our one critique is the low-carb chicken dough isn't quite as sturdy as a regular slice. You should come to the table¬†prepared to eat your pizza with a fork and knife¬†ūüćī real good

Blood Sugar Impact

We tested the impact a Real Good Pizza has on blood sugar. Mary Elizabeth gave herself¬†0.5 units of insulin prior to biting into her cheesy pizza of choice, plus 0.7 bolus units. What happened to her blood sugars over the next 5 hours? Practically nothing! She remained in and around a cool 100-120¬†mg/dL¬†ūüėé Great taste, low carb, and minimal¬†affect on blood sugar. Real Good Pizza is¬†an obvious choice for people with¬†a focus on diabetes management, but a soft spot for pizza.

Want to try it out for yourself?

Check out the website: www.realgoodfoods.com/ NOTE: We write these reviews to highlight products we like that help support a healthy lifestyle. We do this as service to our users. We are not paid for any reviews, & we do not accept payment for any products we review.   
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Andrea Lagotte
Nov 30, 2017

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