Give Your Brain a Boost with Our Seared Tuna and Rainbow Veggies Recipe

Give Your Brain a Boost with Our Seared Tuna and Rainbow Veggies Recipe

From regulating your breathing and heartbeat to processing thoughts and memories, your brain is always “on,” even while asleep. It’s no surprise then that your brain also plays a big role in supporting your mental health and, therefore, deserves some extra attention. 

Did you know that the brain is made up of 60% fat? That’s why consuming good quality fats such as certain types of fish, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils goes a long way in supporting your mental health. 

Add vegetables, and the brain—and your mental health—is in prime position to benefit from all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to run optimally. 

In need of a quick meal idea that’s full of brain “fuel?” Try this tuna recipe and reel in the benefits, and perhaps a few compliments along the way!

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Kim Constantinesco
Jan 01, 2021

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