SugarRx Gives You the Power of Self-Care

SugarRx Gives You the Power of Self-Care - One Drop

My mother brought me up to believe whole-heartedly, “you can’t change other people, people must change themselves.” And my mother truly knows best. These are wise, unfaltering words.

But what about helping others change themselves? What if there was a way to subtly and ever-so-slightly support people changing themselves for the better by giving them all the tools that they needed to succeed at their fingertips?

What if there was a way to help others and ourselves not only live longer, but live better?

There is a way.

The Problem With Diabetes

Diabetes is a topic of urgent and utmost national (and international) importance. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re already fully aware. It’s estimated that today there are at least 100 million people in the United States impacted by some sort of blood sugar problem.

Yesterday, 3,000 people were diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S. Today, we’ll welcome a new round of 3,000 people with diabetes. And the same can be said for tomorrow, as well as the next day and the next.

It’s no longer up for debate. Diabetes (and prediabetes) is consuming us. And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

How do we make this thing stop?

The Solution to the Diabetes Problem

There is no one, simple solution. Just like there’s no one magic pill. But we do have basic knowledge and 21st-century tools to use to slow down this very fast-moving train.

When used in tandem, the digital tools we already have at our fingertips, coupled with fundamental (yet, oftentimes, unknown) knowledge is, truly, power. And we’re talking the type of power that saves lives.

This powerful, life-benefiting solution is what we do at One Drop. We quite literally empower people to better their lives themselves, using technology, data, guidance, accountability, and education.

Embracing the Empowerment Potential

Most recently, we’re making this change possible with SugarRx.

SugarRx is One Drop’s personalized coaching program. It delivers in-app prompts for commitment and goal setting, challenges the user to solve problems, and encourages a therapeutic dialogue with the coach.

Our coaches address user needs in real-time because diabetes changes in real-time. SugarRx enables two-way communication over live text between the coach and user so that both parties can actively work together and engage in relevant conversation. Our coaches also have access to real-time user data, allowing the coach to provide advice that promotes informed, proactive decision making by the user.

SugarRx uses digital behavior change to facilitate personalized self-care. It enables lasting shifts in habits and practices so that the end-user is more equipped to win those daily and hourly battles that ultimately determine long-term health.

This digital therapeutics approach is more vital than ever, and not just because of the novel coronavrius. Sure, we’re all a bit more hindered by getting to a doctor’s appointment these days. But missing the once-a-quarter, once-a-year appointment is not the problem. It’s the other 364 days of the year.

At One Drop, we give people the tools they need to succeed those other 364 days out of the year.

We Will Get You There 

Change is hard. Diabetes is hard. But we’re making it better, for all of us.

We are with you, because we are you. We have diabetes, too. We know all of the ins and outs, ups and downs, the frustrations, and even the wins. And we must all try to help each other in any way we can to reach our full potential and live excellently with diabetes. 

While we may not be able to change other people -- to give people a magic pill that rids them of their diabetes -- we can help them change themselves, for the better.

With SugarRx, we are delivering self-care through individualized personalization and empowerment. Because we are committed to getting you where you want to be in your journey to better health.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
May 08, 2020

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