We Think People With Diabetes Are Diabadass

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Here at One Drop we like to say: "Diabetes is hard. It doesn't have to be."

We spend 8,765 hours a year with our diabetes. Our doctors? Less than one hour per year. We are truly, all of us, in this together, and we think there is a lot to learn from each other. Because each and every one of us is a diabadass, with heaps of diabadass hacks and information! What's a 'diabadass,' you ask? Well, according to Urban Dictionary:


a person with diabetes who is also a hardcore badass

"Wow look at her! She's such a diabadass. She gives herself three shots a day!"

Origins of the word? Unclear.

Nonetheless, it's a word we use on the reg. We love it. We live it. You see, we live with diabetes here at One Drop. We know and experience those daily, hourly challenges, the same ones you're up against, every single day. We think everyone living with diabetes is a diabadass. Because to have diabetes and manage it every single day is hardcore badass! 

You know what else is hardcore dia-badass? When all of us living with diabetes work together to make our lives easier. Sure, your doc is awesome for suggestions, learning about the latest hardware, etc.

But what about learning hacks and quick-fixes and off-label management schemes that you can't learn from your doctor? That happens only when we share what we've learned, what we've experienced, and build better roadmaps for each other.

How diabadass is that!?

Bring on the diabadass revolution

The convergence of cloud data and powerful mobile technology makes all of this possible. It also means that a powerful shift in healthcare is on the horizon, and we believe there has to be a data-driven, consumer-centric approach to diabetes management. And don't you know, that's where we come in.

At One Drop, we're bringing together like-minded individuals who all share their data anonymously, offer mutual support, and motivate each other to learn to live healthier lives.

One Drop combines mobile technology and cloud-based data analytics, enabling people with type 1, type 2, prediabetes, or their caregivers, to monitor glucose, food intake, exercise and insulin all in one place. More importantly, it helps anyone easily understand how these key variables impact their glucose levels on a day-to-day basis.

It's a platform that empowers people with the information and encouragement they need to maintain healthy habits and behaviors on their own through self-empowerment, mindfulness and motivation.

We think people with diabetes are total badasses, and that's why our whole team is relentlessly focused on improving the lives of people with diabetes. We created One Drop to disrupt diabetes management by empowering people take control of their health with data-driven self-care, together, One Drop at a time. We have a lot to learn from each other and we want to hear from you!

Please reach out to us any time at support@onedrop.today and let us know what you think, and how you're living your best #diabadass life. 

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Jeff Dachis
Apr 23, 2015

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