What It Means to Reimagine Possible

What It Means to Reimagine Possible - One Drop

With the launch of One Drop Premium, we’re asking you—people, like ourselves, living with diabetes and other chronic conditions—to reimagine what’s possible with us. But what does reimagining possible mean? What does that look like from person to person? How can we not just reimagine possible, but take our health further than we ever thought imaginable?

These days, health seems to be measured by the absence of disease. Disease—or lack thereof—is the primary driver in the many ways health is determined.

But what if health was redefined as the capacity that people have to adapt to change, allowing them to maintain, through the course of living, their full function. What if health was determined not by measurement of disease, but by quantifying the presence and full function of physical, emotional, mental, and metabolic wellbeing.

This is the first step to reimagining what’s possible for ourselves.

Predicting Personal Health

Measuring health rather than disease moves us in the right direction. It moves us out of a reactionary, disease-care system that focuses exclusively on disease diagnosis and management, and into a person-centric, health-based solution, that enables people to not only get healthy but stay healthy, for life.

So then, now knowing where to turn our focus, how do we not only assess personal health but unlock personal potential?

We marry data and technology to predict and prevent crashes along each person’s health journey. And this is exactly what we do at One Drop.

Through AI-powered blood glucose forecasts, plus real-time advice from a personal health coach, we get a turn-by-turn navigation system for our health; we know what’s working for our specific health goals, and what’s not. And as our health levels change (which they do, every single day), so does our personalized data-driven roadmap. It reroutes us as needed.

With these tailored, real-time, technology-based solutions, One Drop offers those of us who want to live a healthy life the ability to actually do so. These digital solutions (whether it’s coaching, real-time insights, glucose predictions, goal-setting, habit-forming, or combinations of all) go beyond prevention. They allow us to do things we never thought possible; they allow us to reach our full potential.

Rather than predicting disease, we predict health: we measure our success, rather than our failures. And if our personal idea of success isn’t quite where we want it to be, we are given the tools needed to redirect us on our journey.

This is how we’re moving to a radically proactive and personalized care experience that empowers you to lead your healthiest life.

What’s Your Definition of Health?

Health is exceptionally intimate. It differs from person to person to person; in the same way, no one person has the same fingerprint, there are no two people on the planet with the same health composition.

The way healthcare solutions work should reflect that.

We’re revolutionizing what it means to personalize your health through an entirely new model of comprehensive, hyper-personalized programs. Because managing health is life-long; you change over time, and so does your health. You deserve support all along the way, a solution that adjusts to your specific needs and situations in real-time.

We can do that for you. We are here to help.

How can we get you to your definition of health? How can we support you? Where do you see yourself in a year, in five years? How about 20? How can we help you become the healthiest version of yourself?

Our learning content, glucose predictions and insights, and 1:1 coaching are just a few of the tools we use to support and inspire you on your journey. We’re taking these billions of data points (from all the world over) and making sense of them for your unique health benefit. This is about your life, your story, and how optimal health can help you to have a life you maybe never thought possible. This is about you having the ability to take charge of and participate in your own health.

We want to work right alongside you to advance your wellness, promote root-cause resolutions, and heal your whole person. When you’re ready, reach out to us and let us know how we can help you become the best version of yourself.

Then, let's get you going on your journey.

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Mary Elizabeth Adams
Aug 21, 2020

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