One Drop Joins the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network at the Center for Health Technology & Innovation

One Drop Joins the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network at the Center for Health Technology & Innovation

American Heart Association consortium advances the development of evidence-based health tech solutions

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 – One Drop, a provider of precision health solutions for people living with chronic conditions, has joined the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation (the Center) Innovators’ Network. The Center is focused on building and fostering health technology relationships to develop innovative and scalable solutions across the health continuum.

The Innovators’ Network is a consortium that connects entrepreneurs, providers, researchers, and payers. Innovators’ Network members also have access to the Association’s digital guidelines, recommendations, and best-in-class science as they develop digital healthcare technologies. Members collaborate with the Center in different ways, including building models for clinical outcome studies, lowering the significant cost of developing those studies independently, helping connect the science to technology, and providing evidence that a digital platform improves healthcare outcomes—a key concern for providers and payers.

“The Center aims to advance the rapid, efficient, and effective development of healthcare technology,” said Eric Peterson, MD, MPH, vice provost and senior associate dean for clinical research at the University of Texas Southwestern and volunteer chair of the Health Tech Advisory Group for the Center. “It’s inspiring to see One Drop leveraging this consortium to broaden and deepen their engagement in this arena.”

"At One Drop, we want to empower everyone to take action today so that we can be healthy tomorrow. Instead of chasing after illness, we need to get ahead of it by preventing health complications in the first place," said Jeff Dachis, CEO and founder of One Drop. "We are excited to join the Innovators' Network as it will provide opportunities to connect with other trailblazers building novel health solutions. By fostering open dialogue and meaningful collaboration, we look to accelerate the creation of equitable and accessible precision health solutions from One Drop that have the potential to help millions of people make better decisions and reach their full potential."

One Drop is a precision health company working to disrupt the reactive and retrospective system by making health proactive, predictive, and personalized. Precision health combines real-time health data, predictive insights, and on-demand telehealth to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to access their health data and feel empowered to act on it.

To date, One Drop has gathered over 30 billion longitudinal health data points from integrations with thousands of popular apps and devices used by millions of people worldwide, including glucose, A1C, blood pressure, weight, physical activity, medications, food, and other self-care and personal data. This data wealth trains the proprietary machine learning algorithms behind One Drop's CE-marked analysis engines for glucose forecasts and blood pressure trends. These AI-powered insights can help people with chronic conditions anticipate problems before they happen and finely tune their behavior to help them achieve better outcomes.

The One Drop platform also offers on-demand telehealth, filling in the gaps between episodic doctor's visits with a personalized, member-centric experience accessible via smartphone. The goal: improve outcomes for members and reduce costs for insurers, employers, and healthcare providers.