MannKind and One Drop to collaborate on delivering better health outcomes for people with diabetes

MannKind One Drop Partnership
VALENCIA, CA. and NEW YORK, NY -- May 04, 2017 -- MannKind Corporation (MNKD) TASE:MNKD) and One Drop today announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to enter into a collaborative agreement that would extend One Drop’s subscription service and digital health platform – which currently provides unlimited blood glucose testing supplies and 24/7 live in-app support from diabetes experts – by adding Afrezza as a rapid-acting insulin offering. The planned collaboration will include three consumer-focused areas:

Access, Cost Savings and Convenience initiatives, intended to simplify the complexity of starting and staying on mealtime insulin.

Customized Coaching and Engagement designed to help people on Afrezza achieve the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommendation of an A1C goal of less than 7%.

Design Innovation around packaging and exploration of a reusable Afrezza Inhaler with integrated Bluetooth technology.

“Against a backdrop of soaring insulin costs, this proposed collaboration is an essential step in the right direction,” said Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder of One Drop. “One Drop began with the goal of bringing affordable, accessible diabetes care to everyone living with diabetes worldwide. Through this partnership with MannKind, we will continue to work tirelessly to empower everyone with diabetes to achieve better health outcomes through the use of modern delivery methods that reduce the burden of diabetes management and increase engagement in self-care.” “The complexity and conflicting incentives of the United States healthcare system are not aligned to help people with diabetes on insulin achieve optimal outcomes, as we see that almost seven out of ten people on mealtime insulin are not at the ADA goal of <7% A1C,” said Michael Castagna, Chief Commercial Officer of MannKind Corporation. “Even though injectable insulins have been available for decades, 20% of users regularly skip injections. We intend to empower people with diabetes to take charge of their health by trying something different.” “We believe that diabetes care as a fully integrated digital service is the only way that we are going to bend the cost curve for payers and providers, while at the same time delivering evidence-based health outcomes that can scale,” continued Dachis. “Working with an innovator like MannKind, with a clinically effective, non-invasive inhaled mealtime insulin product, offers up an exciting opportunity to further our mission of relentlessly improving the lives of everyone with diabetes and a smartphone.” One Drop recently presented findings from a retrospective study demonstrating that One Drop | Mobile app users report a substantial improvement in blood glucose levels, reducing A1c by 1.0 percentage point (8.2% to 7.2%) after only 2 to 12 months of using One Drop | Mobile.[1] One Drop has also shared preliminary data collected from people with diabetes using One Drop | Mobile and One Drop | Experts for just four consecutive weeks, showing that One Drop users: •   reduced average blood glucose by 27 mg/dL; •   reduced average blood glucose from 185 mg/dL (A1c 8.1%) to 158 (A1c 7.1%); •   reduced average percentage of high blood glucose readings from 19% to 4%; •   nearly doubled the percentage of in-range blood glucose readings; and •   consistently tracked food and blood glucose over time.[2] In the next few months, One Drop will present the complete results of several clinical studies conducted over the past year. Altogether, One Drop | Mobile users have contributed more than 280 million primary health data points, which One Drop analyzes to deliver powerful insights that drive improved health outcomes for people with diabetes, as well as immediate proven cost-savings for both people with diabetes and their care providers. “Our approach is to advance traditional therapies by delivering better access to scalable care, better education, more convenience, lower costs, and an improved user experience,” said Dachis. “Ultimately, we must deliver results. There is too much at stake for business as usual.” _______________ 1 Osborn, C. Y., et al. (2017, March). One Drop App Users Report Improved Glycemic Control. Poster session presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine 38th Scientific Sessions, San Diego, CA. 2 Osborn, C. Y., et al. (2017, March). The One Drop | Mobile App and Experts Program is Evidence-based and Improves Blood Glucose. Poster session presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine 38th Scientific Sessions, San Diego, CA.


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One Drop (Informed Data Systems Inc.) is a digital health company harnessing the power of mobile computing and data science to transform the lives of everyone with diabetes. One Drop's offerings include the first-ever monthly subscription service to provide clinically effective, affordable, accessible diabetes care. For less than the cost of a monthly co-pay, One Drop subscribers receive:
  • One Drop | Chrome with Unlimited Testing Supplies: One Drop | Chrome not only meets the highest standards of clinical accuracy, but also wirelessly transmits blood glucose data directly to the cloud via the One Drop | Mobile app for iOS and Android. Unlimited blood glucose test strips are delivered on-demand directly to the doors of One Drop subscribers — no prescriptions, no insurance, no appointments, and no hassles.
  • One Drop | Experts for Anytime Care: One Drop | Experts moves diabetes education out of the clinic and into the lives of people with diabetes. Each One Drop | Premium subscriber has his/her own “Expert” (Certified Diabetes Educator) available 24/7 for guidance, support, and anytime care. Experts deliver personalized digital therapeutics programs, including ADA-recognized diabetes education[3], to help people with diabetes define and achieve their health management goals. Subscribers can communicate with their Experts anytime via in-app chat; all data recorded in the app is available to Experts in real-time, allowing them to provide relevant behavioral guidance in the moments when subscribers need it most. No appointments necessary.
  • One Drop | Mobile: One Drop | Mobile is an award-winning, cloud-based diabetes management solution delivered entirely via mobile app on iOS and Android. One Drop | Mobile provides real-time and historical blood glucose data and analytics to subscribers and their healthcare providers, allowing both to see relationships between specific health behaviors and health outcomes. One Drop | Mobile also includes a fully-featured Apple WatchOS app for logging and analyzing diabetes data on the go. One Drop | Mobile is the only diabetes management platform that offers comprehensive self-care, peer-support, and expert support all in one place.
One Drop also offers an enterprise solution, One Drop | Professional, for insurers, health care provider networks, and self-insured employers to dramatically lower the cost of caring for people with diabetes. The One Drop | Mobile solution is available for free worldwide. One Drop | Chrome is sold exclusively by One Drop (iOS, Android, and, Amazon (, and Apple ( One Drop's consumer subscription service is available for purchase in-app (iOS and Android) and at For more information, contact _______________ 3 The American Diabetes Association recognizes this education service as meeting the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.   MannKind Contact: Rose Alinaya SVP, Finance 661-775-5300 One Drop Contact: