One Drop Partners with Fitbit to Bring Diabetes Management Data Insights to Users Worldwide

One Drop Partners with Fitbit to Bring Diabetes Management Data Insights to Users Worldwide

One Drop users gain 24/7 access to Fitbit data in combination with One Drop health data to drive more comprehensive care management experience

One Drop to develop custom app for Fitbit Ionic™ providing diabetes-related health data on wrist for users of both Android and iOS devices

NEW YORKOct. 31, 2017 -- One Drop, a leading digital diabetes care and self-management platform, today announced a multi-part collaboration with Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) that will use the power of Fitbit wearable data to bring enhanced data-driven care management tools to the diabetes community. The first initiative will be to integrate enhanced access to Fitbit data into the One Drop | Mobile app for diabetes management, providing One Drop users with at-a-glance access to Fitbit data, with the goal of helping users better understand the impact of physical activity on blood glucose management. Fitbit data will also be incorporated into One Drop reports, allowing physicians and One Drop | Experts, and One Drop | Professional users to utilize this data to make more personalized, informed care decisions.

Starting in November, One Drop users will be able to sync Fitbit intraday data to their One Drop accounts. This will allow users of the free, cloud-based diabetes management solution to seamlessly integrate data from all Fitbit devices throughout the day, reducing the burden of manually tracking physical activity, sleep and heart rate data.

One Drop will also analyze Fitbit data along with One Drop's 500 million user-generated health data points with the goal of surfacing deeper insights and improving health outcomes for all people with diabetes worldwide. For example, someone can potentially see how their physical activity can impact blood glucose levels. One Drop | Experts1 users will be able to review this data with their very own Certified Diabetes Educator as they work together to meet personalized health goals.

"We strive to provide our community with the most comprehensive set of data and tools to manage their diabetes or prediabetes. Working with Fitbit, the leading global wearables brand, was a natural next step for One Drop," said Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder, One Drop. "One Drop is among the top Health and Fitness apps in nearly 120 countries with over 600,000 downloads worldwide. By integrating Fitbit data and creating an app for Fitbit Ionic, we will be able to provide our users and their healthcare providers with more data and deeper insights to better manage their diabetes."

Also beginning in November, all One Drop users, regardless of their mobile platform, will be able to purchase the Fitbit tracker that best suits their needs, including Fitbit's new smartwatch, Fitbit Ionic, through a special offer made available through a unique One Drop storefront experience.

One Drop will also develop an app for Fitbit Ionic, bringing One Drop's care management experience to the wrist. Using the Fitbit software development kit (SDK), which was made available to developers last month, users will be able to track the same self-care data, and view data-driven insights and statistics from One Drop with convenience and ease.

One Drop is an award-winning2, cloud-based diabetes management solution with a track record of delivering remarkable clinical outcomes3  through its evidence-based self-care tools, professional coaching, and data-driven insights. A study published in JMIR Diabetes in August 2017 demonstrated a 1.1% to 1.3% absolute reduction in A1C in just four months among free One Drop | Mobile users, a more significant reduction than other published research suggested was possible using a mobile care management app. As part of this partnership, the companies are exploring new research opportunities to enhance future product innovation.

"Our mission is to help make the world healthier, and our new Ionic smartwatch is the health platform that allows us to deliver our most advanced health and fitness features to the market," said Adam Pellegrini, General Manager Fitbit Health Solutions. "This holistic experience brings the power of Fitbit data together with One Drop's sophisticated care management technology to provide meaningful insights on the role of physical activity and how it can improve the health of those living with diabetes."