Walmart Brings One Drop’s Diabetes Management Platform to Hundreds of Retail Stores Nationwide

Walmart Brings One Drop’s Diabetes Management Platform to Hundreds of Retail Stores Nationwide

Retail expansion increases accessibility of healthcare technology and support for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension


New York, NY — October 8, 2019 — One Drop, a leader in digital therapeutics solutions for diabetes and other chronic conditions, today announced that its wireless glucose meter kit and supplies are now available at hundreds of Walmart stores in the United States. Each kit includes a Bluetooth glucose meter, lancing device, carry case, test strips and lancets, as well as one year of free access to One Drop’s certified diabetes coaches for 24/7 support.

One Drop's unique approach combines a smart glucose meter with a free award-winning mobile app, personalized one-on-one coaching and AI-powered insights to deliver affordable, effective care to the greatest number of people possible. Proprietary machine learning — powered by health data collected from nearly 1.5 million One Drop users — generates actionable advice that connects behavior with outcomes to simplify decision making and promote lasting behavior change. 

“Access to affordable care options is a huge issue in the United States, and most people struggle with insurance, scheduling, and co-pays. Having One Drop available at Walmart stores means that millions of Americans with diabetes can now access real-time support from Certified Diabetes Educators through our easy-to-use platform,” said Jeff Dachis, One Drop Founder and CEO. “We’re meeting people where they are and empowering them with the tools, information and support they need to make better choices for their health.”

One Drop’s industry-leading digital diabetes education program was the first ever to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association and has since been expanded to offer programs for pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The program connects each participant with a dedicated Certified Diabetes Educator or personal health coach to successfully manage living with their conditions.

One Drop recently expanded its AI-powered Predictive Insights to include 8-hour blood glucose forecasts for One Drop mobile app users with type 2 diabetes, and each forecast is paired with a behavioral recommendation to help keep blood glucose in range. The One Drop app also offers an easy-to-use Personal Health Assistant — a digital tool for monitoring medication, food and physical activity as well as blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and other health markers.

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes more than ten years ago, my high-deductible health plan — and the fact that I lived more than 100 miles away from the closest endocrinologist — left me feeling like I was on my own,” said One Drop user Julie Beck. “Now, I have instant access to my certified coach, who can answer questions like whether I should consider talking to my doctor about adjusting my meds. And with the predictive insights, I no longer worry that I might experience a sudden blood sugar low while driving and cause an accident. I’m thrilled that One Drop is now available at Walmart stores so that more people living in remote areas like me can get the help they need to take control of their health.”

One Drop’s efficacy has been established in more than 20 peer-reviewed studies, which showed that people with diabetes using One Drop decreased their A1c (average blood glucose levels) in a little as one month. One Drop is the only provider of blood glucose forecasts for people with type 2 diabetes.

In addition to being sold at US Walmart stores and on, One Drop’s wireless glucose meter is currently available at select Apple retail locations, and on,,, and