One Drop Recognized as Top-3 Digital Diabetes Care Provider Worldwide

One Drop Recognized as Top-3 Digital Diabetes Care Provider Worldwide

One Drop holds 6.3% of global diabetes mobile app users and position as a top digital diabetes care service worldwide

NEW YORK, NY, October 16, 2018 — One Drop has been recognized as a top global digital diabetes care provider in terms of diabetes app portfolio, service offerings, performance, and strategy. In just one year, the company increased its market share to 6.3% of the global market, ranking #3 for downloads worldwide. Among the 2,000+ diabetes apps evaluated in Research2Guidance's 2018 Digital Diabetes Care Market report, the definitive industry overview on current and future trends for mobile app-based digital diabetes care, One Drop stands out as an international product with the highest availability rate in 4 countries, beating out Roche's mySugr (3 countries), Lifescan's OneTouch (2 countries), and other popular apps.

“Despite improvements in the competing offers, [One Drop] is still the most outstanding example of a well-designed, user friendly diabetes tracker and companion tool for people with diabetes,” stated Oleksiy Danilin, Senior Analyst at Research2Guidance.

One Drop | Mobile became the #1 downloaded diabetes app of 2017 in India, accounting for 20% of total downloads. One Drop has a huge presence in the United States and is listed as a top-3 most downloaded publisher in emerging markets, China and Turkey. Since 2016, One Drop increased the number of Android downloads by 40% causing the company to jump 4 positions on Research2Guidance's top-10 list of most downloaded diabetes apps to #3 (+299% change). Total One Drop | Mobile downloads across iOS and Android platforms increased 400% to 560K in 2017, accounting for 6.3% of global diabetes apps downloads. In 2018, downloads continued to grow to roughly 1 million users worldwide.

The One Drop | Mobile app for diabetes management is at the core of One Drop's products, offered alongside the One Drop | Chrome Bluetooth glucose meter, test strip subscriptions, and clinically effective coaching programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association. In addition to tracking blood glucose levels, One Drop's award-winning mobile platform allows users to easily schedule medication reminders, view statistics, set goals, track A1c and weight, provide and receive support from other users, and get tips and advice to help with daily diabetes management.

One Drop | Mobile is available in 10 languages and offers full integration with Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Dexcom, and Fitbit, allowing users to sync blood glucose, fitness, nutrition, and other health data from thousands of apps and devices. In September 2018, One Drop expanded its personal health platform and diabetes solution by incorporating the latest Apple iOS and Apple Watch OS advances, including Health Records, Siri Shortcuts, and direct Apple Watch connectivity. One Drop also announced Automated Decision Support, utilizing proprietary AI to generate accurate blood glucose predictions and actionable insights for mobile users.

In the last two years, One Drop has backed their technology with numerous clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of the integrated digital diabetes solution. As a result, One Drop has become a market leader in terms of trial activity, with 1 non-experimental trial and 3 RCTs in 2016-2017. Since 2017, One Drop also published and presented an additional 15 peer-reviewed studies, further demonstrating the platform's potential to lower HbA1c among users.

“We are laser-focused on further development and improvement of our platform,” said CEO Jeff Dachis. “The integrations and capabilities available today are just the beginning. One Drop will continue to optimize the user experience to ensure everyone living with diabetes has access to comprehensive, clinically effective, personalized care at a price anyone could afford.”