Monthly Focus, Week 4: Habits Are the Process

Monthly Focus, Week 4: Habits Are the Process

Week 4

July is all about Goals.
In this week's focus, learn how to do more of what already works to achieve your desired result.


What would happen if you completely tossed all your goals aside and, instead, focused only on your process? Would you still get the results you wanted, the same ones you were trying to achieve when you established your goal?

We tend to set—and focus solely on—the end result, or goal. Instead, we should focus our effort and energy on the process it takes to get to that goal. By doing this, we keep things simple, reduce unnecessary stress, enjoy small gains, and enjoy the present moment while improving at the same time.

In this month’s final week on goals (or lack thereof), we’re looking further into the process itself: how to find what’s already working for you, and do more of it to reach your wanted outcome.

Do More of What Already Works

You know where you want to be—but how do you get there?

Another way to think about it: outcomes (or goals) are simply measures of your daily habits (or processes). What systems do you already have in place that you know are already working?

Often, we tend to think that in order to achieve we must implement new solutions. But this isn’t necessarily the case; progress can come in the form of already-discovered systems. Mastering the fundamentals of success may not be glamorous, but it’s what works.

Pair these basic, successful principles with your own, unique strengths, and you’re more likely to create a process-driven system that works for you. Focus on what comes naturally to you: wanting to get outside daily or climbing in bed early. Studies show that those who leverage their strengths (rather than focusing on their perceived weaknesses) are not only happier, but also more successful in the long run.

  • Do you love organizing your closet every month? Being organized is a skill. Apply that strength to all those low carb recipes you’ve been meaning to make.
  • Enjoy rising with the sun? Being a morning person has its perks. Take a stroll first thing in the morning for peace, calm, and quiet. Not to mention, the amazing physical health benefits that come with it.
  • Too many books, never enough time? Reading before bed is a great way to unwind. Set aside just 15 minutes before bed each night to read—this can lull you to sleep faster and help you get your full 8 hours.

The best way to get to that end result is not by changing your entire life.

Instead, focus on changing one specific process (or a few); then, work on it until it becomes routine. In doing so, you will find you naturally get closer to your outcome.

Remember, goals don’t deliver results. Lifestyle changes do. Build better systems into your life and achieve the desired results.