Real Moms Are Sharing How Semaglutide is Changing Their Lives

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Losing weight after pregnancy is no joke. Everything from sleep deprivation to hormone imbalances to emotional eating can make postpartum weight loss a struggle

In their quest to get back to their pre-baby weight, many moms are turning to GLP-1 medications like Wegovy (semaglutide), Ozempic (semaglutide), Trulicity (dulaglutide), and Monjouro (tirzepatide). Not only are these medications helping moms shed the pounds, but they’re having the unexpected side effects of helping them feel more like themselves again and even become better parents. 

Real moms on Reddit boards r/Semaglutide and r/Ozempic share what it’s like to embark on a weight loss journey with groundbreaking GLP-1 medications and what effect their weight loss is having on their family life. 

“It’s making me such a happier momma.”

Self-care for moms is usually the first thing to go when family life gets hectic. However, taking time to care for yourself can mean being able to show up as a more present, more fulfilled parent. Whether it’s creating a wind-down ritual before bed to ensure you’re rested for the day ahead or taking the leap to try a GLP-1 medication to support your weight loss goals, moms deserve to nurture themselves for their sake and for the sake of their little ones. 

I gained 40, lost 20 in the 6 months after birth, and couldn’t lose the last 20 for the life of me no matter what I did… I’m on week 7 [of taking Ozempic] and down 16 pounds! I’m just mad I didn’t start sooner! Sounds weird but it’s making me such a happier and better momma for my little guy.


“I don’t think we should feel bad if we need to use them.”

Nobody deserves to feel judged for medical decisions, including taking a GLP-1 medication for weight loss. Unfortunately, Ozempic shaming is real and all too common. It’s a form of body shaming that delegitimizes weight loss achieved using Ozempic (semaglutide) and other GLP-1 medication by calling someone weak or void of self-control for taking a prescription weight loss medication. But moms taking Ozempic for weight loss are fighting back against the stigma, as this mom did on the semaglutide Reddit board. 

[My] weight wouldn’t budge AT ALL. If anything, after dieting and exercise, I was gaining weight and it was so discouraging. 

Saxenda (Dec - Feb) and Semaglutide (Feb - now) has helped me lose 20 lbs. My body fought me hard before these injections. I’m very very happy and I don’t think we should feel bad if we need to use them.

My body no longer responded to dieting and exercise the way it did before I had kids. I had my hormones all checked and nothing was amiss. So as much as I wanted there to BE a problem so I could get help, my body seemed to be running correctly except for losing weight like a normal person.


“I can look in a mirror and recognize my old self.”

We often talk about the physical changes pregnancy brings, but giving birth also brings about dramatic emotional, psychological, and identity changes. You’re the same you, but you’re entirely different all at once. For many moms, getting back to their pre-pregnancy weight can support them in feeling like themselves again. GLP-1 medications are one way of helping you get there. 

I felt like I was going crazy because I wasn’t responding to anything until I started Ozempic. I gave up breastfeeding for multiple reasons, one of which was that I heard it can make you hold onto fat to ensure you have enough to keep producing milk. 

Once my supply dried up, I still stayed at the highest weight I’ve been in my life by FAR. It worsened my postpartum depression thinking I would be fighting to get back to a comfortable size and possibly still stay the same. Started the first week of December and I’m down 26 lbs and finally feel like I can look in a mirror and recognize my old self.


“It has made all the difference.”

Losing weight is about so much more than appearance. When you’re overweight or obese, even losing a modest amount of weight can help prevent serious chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease and improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Plus, living at a healthy weight can help you stay nimble and active to keep up with your little ones. 

I have two kids. Oldest is almost 5, [the] youngest is 19 months old. I never lost the baby weight with baby #1, then I gained a bunch of weight during COVID, had baby #2, and gained an additional 20 lbs after his birth. It's been a nightmare, to be honest.

Now that the 19 month old is sleeping through the night, I can focus more on myself. I started Wegovy 3 weeks ago and I'm already down 13lbs. 

My knees don't hurt when I go down the stairs anymore and I have more energy. I can get down on the ground to play with the kids or clean and get back up without wanting to die. I can even go up the stairs now without feeling like I need to use the railing. Like, I know it's only 13lbs, but it has made all the difference in helping me feel like I can be a mom and also succeed in my weight loss goals.


“It was the only thing that got me to lose the weight.”

When nothing else works, GLP-1 medications can. Sometimes it takes more than eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to shed the pounds, especially after having a baby. This Reddit mom finally found success with semaglutide.

It was the only thing that got me to lose the weight. I was around 1.5 years [postpartum] after having twins and nothing worked for me—not breastfeeding, not watching my diet, and with young kids plus a full time job (and no outside help), I didn’t have the time to incorporate a rigorous exercise program. After four months, I was back to pre-pregnancy weight and have kept it off. Well worth it.


Are You Ready?

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Sara Huneke
Aug 31, 2023

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