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A message from One Drop CEO about COVID-19

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19, please read this message from our CEO and Founder, Jeff Dachis.

To our One Drop family,

All of us have been affected by the spread of COVID-19. However, some members of our community have been harder hit than others. To those facing health concerns, loss of employment or insurance, and compounding financial uncertainty, we have your back.

Now through April 30, 2020, One Drop will provide relief for those who need it. If your financial situation has changed and you need help, please use code WITHYOU for 20% off payments on an existing subscription or new purchase. Read “How it works” for details.

We encourage anyone who needs this discount to use it. We ask those who have not been affected financially by COVID-19, please continue to support our business by not using the discount code, and help others in need whenever possible. We are relying on the honor system and the goodness of our community to make this discount possible.

As promised, you will continue to receive your supplies without interruption. Our fulfillment centers are operating at full capacity. And our coaches are here for you with support, advice, and encouragement.

Be smart, be kind, and be safe. Now, and always, we’re in this together.

With love,

Jeff Dachis
One Drop | CEO and Founder

How it works:

To apply discount to an existing monthly or quarterly plan:

  1. Visit

  2. Click “Account” (top right), then “Manage Subscriptions”

  3. Find your existing plan

  4. Click “Add Promo Code”

  5. Enter code WITHYOU, then click “Apply” 

To apply discount to a new monthly plan:

  1. Visit

  2. Add package or plan to cart

  3. Proceed to checkout

  4. Click “Have a discount code?” under Order Summary

  5. Enter code WITHYOU

  6. Complete your purchase

A 20% discount will be applied to your first charge (new plan) or your next charge (existing plan) only. After the discount is honored, the following monthly or quarterly charge will reflect the original plan price.
Discount code WITHYOU is not valid for new or existing annual plans. One application per customer.

To apply discount to non-plan product(s) only:
  1. Visit
  2. Add glucose meter or other product(s) to cart
  3. Proceed to checkout
  4. Enter code WITHYOU, then click “Apply” 
  5. Complete your purchase

To receive 20% off non-plan products (e.g., glucose meter) your order cannot contain a diabetes package or plan. One application per customer.

Updated: March 26, 2020