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Control Solution

Your One Drop kit will not come with control solution, but you can buy some here! The proprietary control solution can be used to confirm if your meter and strips are working correctly.

If you are enrolled in One Drop through your employer, please email with your name, email, and employer name to request control solution

Can I use other control solution?

The One Drop Glucose Meter must be tested with Agamatrix control solution. Other control solutions may not produce an accurate test result.

How do I use the One Drop control solution?

  1. Determine if you have Level 2 or Level 4 control solution. The level is listed on the control solution box.
  2. Find the reading range that matches your control solution level. The range is listed on your One Drop test strip vial.
  3. Use the control solution to take a blood glucose reading as you normally would, substituting a drop of control solution for the drop of blood.
  4. Check the reading on your glucose meter produced by using the control solution. If the number is within the corresponding range listed on the bottle of test strips, your meter is functioning correctly. If the reading is out of range, please email immediately for a replacement.



Updated: November 27, 2019

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