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How to set up and sync your Dexcom

One Drop was among the first apps to integrate directly with Dexcom. Learn more.

Follow the steps below to link your Dexcom account with One Drop. Once setup is complete, new CGM data will automatically upload to the One Drop app. A Dexcom logo will appear next to the data imported from your Dexcom account.

  1. Open the One Drop app.
  2. Select the profile icon in the upper right to visit My Account.
  3. Navigate to App Settings.
  4. Select Import Health Data (iOS) or Linked Accounts (Android).
  5. Select Dexcom.
  6. Sign in to your Dexcom account.

Data created before setting up your Dexcom with One Drop will not be uploaded into the app. Only after you link your Dexcom account will new CGM data be automatically imported.

Note: there is currently a three-hour delay with data transfer from Dexcom to the One Drop app. The delay was established by Dexcom in collaboration with the FDA. This integration is available for U.S.-based Dexcom accounts.

If you experience any difficulties, please reach out to us by calling 1-800-437-1474 (US/CA) (+44 808-164-8300 for UK/EU customers) or emailing us at Support hours are 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. 

Updated: January 22, 2019