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How do I sign up for a Digital Membership?

You can sign up for a Digital Membership in three ways: 


  • 14-day free trial
You will have full access to all membership features (a personal coach, a transformation plan, health goals, and predictive insights) for 14 days.

You can access the free trial directly in the app by choosing My Coach (center icon in the navigation bar) or Topics (second icon from the left), then Explore Membership.

At the end of 14 days, you will automatically be subscribed to a Digital Membership and your credit card will be charged unless you choose to cancel. If you do not wish to subscribe, please cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the trial period to avoid a charge to your credit card.

Please note, the 14-day free trial is only available through in-app purchase via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

  • In-app purchase
You can sign up for a Digital Membership at any time from the One Drop app.

Choose the profile icon in the top right corner to access My Account. Choose One Drop Store > Shop Now at the top of the page, then Digital Membership.

Choose a monthly or annual plan, then Add to Cart.

Enter in your payment, billing, and shipping information at checkout. Once you’ve placed your order, choose All Done to go back to your app and immediately get started with your Digital Membership.

  • One Drop website
On the Pricing page, choose Shop Now on the Digital Membership plan. 

Choose either a monthly or annual membership, then Add to Cart. Choose Check Out to create or log in to your One Drop app account.

Continue to your shipping and payment methods, then place your order.

Once your order has been placed, you can immediately access your Digital Membership in your One Drop app on your iOS or Android smartphone. 

If you purchase a Digital Membership through the website, you will not receive the 14-day free trial.

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