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How to Check Your Blood Glucose

Follow these steps to check your blood sugar using your One Drop meter:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry thoroughly with a clean towel.
  2. Insert a test strip into the strip port with the contact bars facing towards you.
  3. Look for the “apply blood sample to test strip animation” on the meter display—this means your meter is ready!
  4. Keep the clean strip in your meter and grab your lancing device.
  5. Using a fresh lancet, lance your fingertip and gently massage your finger from the base to the tip until you see a small drop of blood.
  6. Apply the blood drop to the tip of the test strip.
  7. Listen for a beep and look at the meter display to see your blood glucose reading.

⭐️ If your One Drop meter is connected to the One Drop app, your blood glucose reading will automatically upload to the app! Click here for help with setup.

How much blood does the One Drop meter require per blood sugar check?

Many of our One Drop team members have diabetes, and they look for a meter that requires a minimal amount of blood. The One Drop test strips only require 0.5 microliters (uL) of blood. That's just one small drop!

Updated: December 04, 2019

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