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How to Weigh Yourself (Blip Scale)

Follow these steps to weigh yourself using your Blip scale:

  1. Set up your scale using the One Drop app.
  2. Press the "1" button (left) along the bottom of the scale.
  3. Step on your scale.
  4. Wait for your weight to appear on the scale display, then step off your scale. 

⭐️ If your scale is connected to the One Drop app, your weight reading should automatically upload to the app! Note, it may take a few minutes for your weight data to show up in the One Drop app. Click here for help with setup or call 1-800-437-1474 (press 1) for assistance.

What are the other scale buttons for?

You may notice the buttons "Guest" (middle) and "2" (right) along the bottom of your Blip scale. The "1" button (left) is yours! Make sure to always press this button before stepping on your scale to weigh-in. Others sharing your scale should tap the "Guest" button (middle) or the"2" button (right) before weigh-ins

Updated: January 06, 2020

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