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How to get more test strips with an unlimited plan

Signing up for an unlimited test strip plan allows you to request more test strips at any time. To receive more test strips, a request must be made in your One Drop app. Test strips do not ship automatically with an unlimited plan. 


To request more test strips:

  1. Sign in to your app using the account information used to make your purchase. 
  2. Choose My Account in the upper right.
  3. Choose My Subscription or My Supplies.
  4. Choose Get Test Strips.
  5. Select the number of test strips you need.
  6. Choose Continue to place your order.

Free standard shipping (5-10 business days) applies to all in-app test strip orders.

Be sure you consistently sync your One Drop glucose meter with your One Drop app. People with unlimited plans can order test strips as long as they are uploading their meter readings to the app via Bluetooth. Our system will automatically put a hold on or cancel an order if a user requests more than 300 test strips without syncing more than 300 blood glucose readings

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