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Set Up Instructions: Blip Wi-Fi Scale

Click here to watch setup video.

Use the One Drop app to set up your Blip Wi-Fi scale.

If you're setting up your scale for the first time, make sure that your phone software and One Drop app are up to date.

Don't have the One Drop app? Download free for iOS or Android.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your phone's Wi-Fi is turned on (required)
  2. Open the One Drop app
  3. Visit My Account by tapping the profile icon in the top-right corner
  4. Tap Set Up a Connected Device, then Scale
  5. Select the Blip Wi-Fi scale from the list
  6. Insert scale batteries — Be careful not to press scale buttons during set-up!
  7. Listen for a beep and look for AP on the scale display
  8. When prompted, join 'blip' Wi-Fi Network
  9. Select your personal Wi-Fi Network and enter Wi-Fi password

You're connected! 🎉 Press the "1" button along the bottom of your scale, then step on to weigh yourself. Your results should automatically upload to the One Drop app.

IMPORTANT: Always press the "1" button (left) along the bottom of your scale before stepping on to weigh yourself. Others sharing your scale should tap the "Guest" button (middle) or the"2" button (right). Your weight may take a few minutes to show up in the One Drop app.

If you can't set up your scale call 1-800-437-1474 (press 1) for technical support.

    Updated: January 06, 2020

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