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Set Up: One Drop Meter

Learn how to pair your One Drop Meter to the One Drop app.

First, download the One Drop app. Next, you'll see a pop-up asking for permission to sync with Bluetooth accessories. Say OK and continue to follow the on-screen instructions. Accidentally dismissed the pop-up? Don't panic! Click here.

If you'd like to seamlessly transfer your blood sugar readings to the One Drop app, follow these steps:

1. Turn phone Bluetooth on

2. Open One Drop app

3. Navigate to the app settings

3. Tap “Set up meter”

4. Tap “I already have one”

5. Power on One Drop Meter.

Hold down the meter button until Bluetooth symbol flashes

PIN Number

If the One Drop app asks for a PIN number, enter the code that appears on your One Drop Glucose Meter.

If the One Drop app does not ask for a PIN number, follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the checkmark to confirm your meter is paired!

Finish Up 

ONE DROP will be listed under "My Devices" when your phone's Bluetooth is on. Your meter is correctly paired. It is normal and expected for it to say "Not Connected", as your glucose meter will only connect for the half-second it takes to transfer your blood glucose readings to the One Drop app and you likely won't see the brief connection.

Old Readings: If you took any blood sugar readings before pairing your glucose meter, these readings will not transfer to the One Drop app, since they do not have a time/date. The pairing process provides the time/date for your meter. You may manually enter this data.

Do Not

  • Forget One Drop Glucose Meter in your phone's Bluetooth settings
  • Remove One Drop Glucose Meter from meter list in One Drop app
  • Hold down One Drop Glucose Meter button to force meter into pairing mode

Updated: November 18, 2019

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